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Beginning on the now familiar long beginning straightaway, your first turn will be a right containing a 4 second boost before crossing the first checkpoint. After the checkpoint you head into a multistory parking lot and another slight right. Here on the left you will notice some checkered flag-like patterns. Head between them to cut a fair chunk off the start of the track. If you happen to miss this one, collect the 4 second boost just after it and then the track will take a left and a slight drop, after which there is another entrance to this same passageway and another 4 second boost. The two entrances join and the exit to the main track has a 9 second boost hanging dangerously close to the ceiling of an archway. Either jump early so you collect the boost as you land, or jump late so you take off just before the boost, otherwise you will very likely hit the archway and ruin any gain you had from the short cut.

After heading out of the short cut on a short straight stretch, you will rejoin the main track and head left. Don't take this left too sharply despite its look, as the track heads right very quickly and with a little practice you will make this a convenient S-bend. After the S-bend, the track takes a dip into a tunnel, offering a 4 second boost along the way. Take a slow right then left and you'll be out of the tunnel ready for another right, where a huge, inveterate sewage crocodile swims in the water. Take this one wide and line yourself up for the boost that sits high later on just after a dip. To get the boost, either jump from the top of the dip or drop and immediately jump back up.

You are now very much out in the open and only frameworks of buildings line the track. Follow the track left and through another checkpoint, where you have the choice of left for a 9 second boost or straight on for a ramp and a 4 second boost. These two choices join together again before a tight stretch, a 4 second boost and a huge dip.

Jump from the top of the dip and get your speed up to max before cutting the boost and flying high for a long straight. If you use too much boost here, you wind up smashing into the rock at the end and not making a smooth right through the fourth checkpoint. It's not much of a right either as it soon turns left under a large archway. Hug the left side of the track here, because the wall almost disappears revealing a 4 second boost before the track heads right and into a subway tunnel.

The tunnel meanders slightly before taking a definite split. It doesn't matter which way you go here as you soon see the subway platform and a 9 second boost on it. Jump at the boost and slide your way to the other side before continuing on your way. The split joins shortly afterward for another checkpoint. After this the track takes a long right-hand turn before showing a subway train. Just before the train is a dip where you need to keep to the left. Don't hug the wall too much, because you'll miss the 4 second boost at the bottom of the dip. Collect the boost and follow the track to the end of the tunnel by way of a long left-hand turn. On exiting the tunnel, you will see the finish line off to the left with a ramp and 4 second boost between you and the line. Collect the boost and boost to the line.