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You start on a long straight stretch, which narrows in the middle and then widens back out quickly. Towards the end, a left-hand turn takes you onto another straightaway where you'll see a pair of moored ships to the left as you go down. You want to be on the left side of these boats to grab the 9 second boost. You can do this safely either by going left before the first boat or between the two. Nip through at your comfortable point and get the 9 seconder before turning right and rejoining the main course, ready to turn right before the liner that's in front of you. Head up alongside the liner and take a left at it's end. Here you will find a 4 second boost straight ahead after which the main track will meander to the left before revealing a checkpoint, ramp and a 4 second boost for you to aim at.

Head slightly left of the ramp as there's a rocky outcrop that prevents you going straight ahead. The track then turns right. You'll notice there's a waterfall ahead though, and that's where you should be headed. Under the waterfall follow the tunnel as it turns right and head for the ramp to get the 4 second boost - you will need some boost to get there. Again, try to head left off the ramp, because by the time you land you'll be on a left turn. Keep going and you will shortly join the main course again and soon after see a bridge. Try to jump over the middle of the bridge as there's a 9 second boost hidden there.

You are now on a long stretch and probably running out of boost if you missed the hidden 9 seconder - make sure you keep some on hand. At the end of the straight is a drop, which you should jump off of at about the middle but not keep the boost on. As you fall you will see a pair of waterways, one on top of the other and the top one has a 9 second boost in it's entrance. Use your boost if you need to make sure you enter the upper course and collect the 9 second boost before dropping back down to the main track. Turn slightly left before a sharp right inside a tunnel. The tunnel exit will be in front of you with a 4 second boost moving around just outside. Dodge the wings of the two crashed airplanes, and line yourself up for the 4 second boost that is ahead. Drop down to the next level and hydro jump at the 4 second boost before making a huge drop down to the next section.

Once you've landed, you'll be heading for a checkpoint and a waterfall, which, of course, holds a hidden passage. Don't bother with the hidden course, which contains a sharp rise followed by a 9 second boost. Instead, follow the main course left and jump the ramp collecting the 4 second boost. By the time you've landed you'll already be on a right-hand turn with huge waves which severely affect the movement of the boat. Do your best to keep control, staying left and keeping tight to the left side around the next left turn. Around the corner is a 4 second boost in the middle and a 9 second one at the left, which you will probably have to use your boost to get to as the waves will push you out to the right. After the huge waves, you will pass through a checkpoint and enter another tunnel. The tunnel will take you right-left-right and on the final right turn you will see daylight and a 4 second boost hanging in the middle of the waterway. Grab the boost and try to keep fairly straight with the track while you head for another ramp with another 4 second boost and eventually the finish line.