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As you start there's a long stretch in front of you and a mountain at the end. Look carefully and you'll see a tunnel entrance in the side of the mountain. Save some boost for this as you need to jump to avoid crashing into the left side of the track. Once into the tunnel it's a simple ride along through the tunnel which takes you to the left. Try to exit the tunnel high off the water as you'll get a speed shunt as a reward, even though it makes the next bit more difficult. As you exit the tunnel there's a drop down to the main track and a ramp to another 4 second boost. Keep the boost going for a little bit after leaving the ramp, because there's another 4 second boost farther up. You can either keep the boost going and clear the boat that's in the middle of the track, or land and boost through it. After the boat is an archway, which leads up into a left-right pair of turns and another archway. Through the archway you will see a ramp and a 9 second boost high up. Use the ramp and turn your boat to the left, boosting that way once you have the 9 second boost. When you land there is a left and a right turn with a bridge between them. Note that it is possible with some versions to clear the bridge, but until you're used to the track aim at landing before the bridge to cope with slamming into the side of the track on the right (as you look at the bridge).

Once you've dealt with the left-right turns, you go under a bridge which is immediately followed by a 4 second boost and another left-right, this time with a checkpoint just before the right-hand turn. You may be running out of boost at this point, but make sure you keep some in reserve regardless. This left-right combination is followed by a left-hand turn under a bridge where you'll notice a 4 second boost hanging in the air. The bridge is immediately followed by a drop in the water level. If you have quite a bit of boost, you could go for this 4 second boost by jumping before the drop, otherwise don't bother as you'll need the boost. The drop is followed by another two drops - boost before the last one and boost hard. You'll notice that the last drop will take you into a tunnel. You are aiming at getting on top of that land mass and not entering the tunnel.

You will land on a water-barren area which will act as a slope, so use some boost if you have it to get up to max speed quickly. The slope will take you around a right turn and into a straight where there will be patches of water which are good for jumping over if you have the boost left. There is also a 4 second boost to collect at the top of a small ramp. At the end is a small right-hand turn back into the main causeway, which is at a long straight section with a tunnel from middle to end.

Just before the tunnel is a ramp with a 4 second boost. Once you're into the tunnel, there is a 4 second boost hanging in the air. After the tunnel is a 90 degree left-hand turn and a wide canal way. Part way along here is a small island with a Chinese dragon moving around. Head straight for this and jump over it to collect another 4 second boost. Just after that is a small drop and ahead you will see a 9 second boost on the left and a large ramp on the right - take your pick. If you have a lot of boost to use, head for the ramp and boost away. Otherwise collect the 9 seconder and hydro jump your way along. It's straight on from there down a couple of dips to the finish line.