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This is a circuit race set in a crowded purpose-built arena. As with all the circuit races, boost management is essential. It may take a few runs just to figure out the best order to get each boost, but make sure you leave some for each of the three laps.

You begin on the long start-finish straight with a 4 second boost just ahead on a bridge. Just after that boost is another 4 second boost on the main track. Only get one of these two the first time around, saving the other for the second or third lap, depending on how your boost is going. At the end of the straight is a tunnel with a U-turn and a 9 second boost on the inside of the turn at the end. Save this one until the third lap. You soon exit the tunnel and hit some big waves which will slow you down - try to jump over them. In amongst the waves is another 4 second boost. Get it on the first lap if you can (you can still collect boosts even though you may be high above them) and then continue into the glass tunnel ahead. The glass tunnel takes you right then left. Just after the right is another 4 second boost - collect this one if you missed the one at the waves. Exit the glass tunnel on the left-hand side as there is a decent ramp with a 9 second boost at the top. If your boost management is particularly good, you may be able to save it until a later lap.

After the ramp is a straight with good air time followed by a 90 degree left and a 4 second boost on the inside of the turn. Then another straight with more good air time and another 4 second boost, followed by another 90 degree left. Around this corner and you're back on the start-finish straight. Before the finish line on the left is a ramp with a 4 second boost. Just before this on the right, however, is a crane with a speed boat dangling over the water. Jump at the boat for a 9 second boost.

Boost management is all you now need.