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In previous games, you are just relegated to just playing Link. Here, you get to play with various characters from various Zelda games from Ocarina of Time to Skyward Sword. Here are the descriptions of available characters from the start. This version presumes you're playing with the Nintendo Switch version. If you want to everyone else, go to your local game website walkthrough through both "Legend Mode" and "Adventure Mode". Both Wii U and 3DS mode will need enough eShop cash to unlock all that's available along with the latest patch. Also, only Link and Zelda has the exclusive "Breath of the Wild" clothes that they currently wear in the game.


In its tradition, whether he's grown up in a farm or a forest or up in the sky, Link will always be the one to step up to the plate. But in this case, he's a soldier in training who happens to suddenly come out to save the day. Because of his sidekicks like Proxi and Navi, he never really talks unless you can count "Skyward Sword" where at certain points in the game, you choose what you want to say with the motion plus at the time.

Considering his appearances in Super Smash Bros series and Soul Caliber 2, he's excellent with the sword and shield, including the spin attack. Also he acquires the Fire Rod as his second weapon in which it has a satisfying power blast at the end. But once he gets the Master Sword, he'll be unstoppable and the key to stop evil from villains, in this case, both evil Cia and Ganondorf.

As a warrior, he's your standard fighter. He's well balanced in his strength and speed and is worth the first choice when playing this game first time.


Impa debut as a Sheikah from "Ocarina of Time". You'll see her taking young Zelda away from Ganondorf at the castle. Later on, she'll make another appearance in "Skyward Sword" playing an important role in helping Zelda behind the scenes and Link in a few encounters.

Impa carries a heavy blade, ironically a Biggoron Blade that never breaks. A reference to the "Ocarina of Time" adult sidequest in which you go around Hyrule doing deals until you have to get to Death Mountain to get the unbroken sword from a giant Goron.

As a warrior, she's like a samurai. Her special move is simply one slash and everyone is gone. You'll have to get used to the overswinging attacks since her heavy blade makes her slower. But her strength makes her more powerful.


Sheik first appeared from "Ocarina of Time". You'll see her once Link is in his adult form. Although there's nothing that explains her character, she's key in giving Link ocarina songs that helps him travel around Hyrule. She's playable in Super Smash Bros series. A few involving a switch between Zelda and Sheik but on the Wii U and 3DS, they're separate characters in its own right.

As a warrior, its speed over strength. As a ninja, her harp makes a great weapon when using a special attack. It's worth using her when dealing with multiple objectives and you need to solve problems in a heart beat.


Zelda is although a beautiful princess, she can be a tomboy as well. She's not exactly the damsel in distress unless that's required in the games she's in. She's the alter ego Sheik that helps her hide her identity from Ganondorf. Again, like Sheik, she's playable as a switcheroo or a loner in Super Smash Bros series.

With her rapier, she is a graceful fighter. Light on her feet but weak in strength. She can move and twirl her rapier like cutting through enemies in a straight line.


This character is exclusive for the purpose of the game as a female ally warrior who's good with magic. With a blue hairstyle and a winning smile, she's perhaps the good side of Cia. She plays a key role in defeating and Cia from circumstances that requires help in certain major levels.

She usually carries a book to do magic attacks. With the blue square glass blow at the end, she still packs a punch. She also carries a stick which acts as a weapon and has small and giant Deku Trees as an attack. Lana would be useful in her speed and always keeps her winning smile.


Appearing in "Ocarina of Time", Darunia is a goron chief to his population of gorons. Preferably male dominated, Darunia is the key in taking care of his brothers and taking down Ganondorf.

With his megaton hammer from the Fire Temple of "Ocarina of Time", it's really powerful and strong in its attacks. But with the hammer comes the cost of speed. So if you choose him, try to keep up with the speed of other warriors and objectives.


Also appearing in "Ocarina of Time", Ruto is a zora princess. Even though she's key in taking down Ganondorf, she also considers marrying Link according to the game!

There isn't any weapon on her. But her strength on water is excellent and smooth. She's weak in strength but fast in speed. You might want to use the water attack a lot when dealing with crowds as her arms and legs alone is not good enough for dealing with more than three people.


She's the flying magical imp from the Twilight world. Because of Zant's magic curse, she's been transformed away from being the princess. Eventually, by teaming up with Link, they both will journey to Zant's palace to end his evil might while keeping the wolf magic in solving further problems and taking down hidden ghosts throughout Hyrule in "Twilight Princess".

It's not much as she's short in stature but with her powerful hair and the ghostly wolf, you should only use those in one on one battles. Sometimes attacking a tough officer does require a straight line or a lock on. Be wise in attacking a group of monsters as its not always easy to clear the base.


With such a curious character, her love of bugs can be strangely off putting to your average citizen. She's really the key in selling Link rupees and wallets fit for a king, in exchange for different bugs throughout Hyrule in "Twilight Princess".

Although she's weak in size and strength, her power goes through to the types of bugs from a butterfly to a beetle. Also, her umbrella is a useful weapon for one on one and a group of enemies. Don't underestimate that this bug warrior can't handle hundreds of monsters in one level!


The only "partner" in "Skyward Sword". She's a magical blue crystal goddess who calculates throughout the adventure as she's not just a sword guardian. She's key in teaching Link unique sword techniques and delivering important items around the sky island of Skyloft and the grounds around Sealed Ground.

She's no doubt a beautiful flying goddess. When using a special power, she can turn into a sword. Since she has an active role, she's pretty much like Ruto but using magic attack instead of water attack. Nevertheless, she's easy to use when it comes to crowds and one on one fights.


Unless you own 3DS and Switch versions, you won't know her story at all. Destined as the "female Link", with her grandmas compass, she believes that she can save Hyrule had she gone the right way. This character is exclusive as a "what if" scenario? What if female Link has her own adventure? It may come true one day as a Zelda exclusive character franchise.

As a standard female fighter, her double crossbows makes it an excellent weapon choice. Able to keep a distance and dealing with crowds, she should be able to make short work of officers and giant monsters without getting too close to the target. If you unlock the boots, it's not just made for walking, but for kicking as well!


The only female antagonist to the good girl, Lana. Because of her admiration of Link, Ganon's presence eventually turns her into a villain and uses her to help unknowingly revive when Cia sets up her army for war. Using dark magic, Wizzro and Volga helps her dominate the world and even put Ganondorf aside until her death and disappearance. She'll come back on the Windwaker path to go back to the good side by taking care of Phantom Ganon, finally putting evil down once and for all.

Being evil at the time, she uses the whip as the weapon. Again, like Linkle, it helps keep you at a distance on groups and one on one fights. In four of the five in Cia's Tale, you'll really want to upgrade her warrior powers.


A ring monster, that almost looks like a grim reaper, he plays an ally of Cia but can betray his allies at a drop of the hat.

He can be powerful with his magic but he can also be slow in his attacks. You should use him in defensive roles more than offensive roles unless he's important in taking down major heroes.


A lone red dragon fighter, he's a fearsome fighter that can take anyone hands down. Sort of one note but at the Valley of the Seers Epilogue, he has no regrets as his hearts in the right place.

With the bladed staff, he really has a "take no prisoners" approach. Excellent in his speed and attack but his special move is just one powerful hit that need some accuracy work. Nevertheless, he's excellent in one on one fights the most and can take crowds down with ease.


A terrifying villain that debut in "Ocarina of Time". Ganondorf as an active fighter in the "Super Smash Bros" series. With exception of a few games including "Skyward Sword", it would be hard to see Link as a hero if there's a villain that's big and powerful enough to almost outdo the hero without Ganondorf. Still, his role helps define him as not just a one note villain, but someone who's smart and able to use the people around him, just for dominating Hyrule as the ruler.

He may be slow in movement but his attack and speed is powerful and ferocious. Even his special attack is powerful and satisfying. He's also equal to Link and Zelda in one on one battles as long as you can handle speed very well.


A strange villain in "Skyward Sword". He would try to revive his master, Demise. Before that, he's the person who tries "The Imprisoned" many times with Link keeping it from happening.

True to form with his rapier, he's an excellent sword fighter. Like Zelda but using magic in diamond shapes of black and white. Useful for one on one fights. Just don't leave him alone with a giant monster.


A Twilight villain in "Twilight Princess". Nothing much except he's crazy with his magic and is the one that cursed Midna in replacing her as the king.

If you've seen him in action, Zant's attack is all over the place. Stomping the floor, using magical balls as attacks, he can be a crazy villain character to control. Still, he would be slightly tougher than Midna in terms of power and speed and grace as well.

King of Red Lions[edit]

The Hyrule king and the one that talks through the red lion boat to in "The Windwaker". He's the key character in helping the toon young Link and toon Tetra/Zelda defeat the toon Ganondorf throughout the sea.

Despite how old the king is, he's pretty decent in using the sails as a weapon. Quite slow in his attack, he makes it up with his special attack as he temporarily turns into the red lion boat and poor waves over it on either group or one on one fights. You'll have to keep up the pressure to make the king useful for you to control.


The young female pirate in "The Windwaker". She's best known as a tomboy pirate with her pirate crew. But in this game, she's been cutoff from her crew and has to rely on the Hyrule King, Lana, Link and Cia to get to Phantom Ganon before going back to her normal life.

Being a young female pirate, she could be easy to use, similar to toon young Link. To make up for her small size, she can jump and able to use her sword effectively well. Her speed is also good so you should have no trouble finding objectives to solve all around the level with little trouble.

Other Warriors[edit]

Depending on whether you own Wii U, 3DS or Switch, there's three ways of doing this. Even though it's already explained at the top, here's a small depth of what to expect:

  • Legend Mode will only unlock the important characters during the story.
  • Adventure Mode can be confusing the first time but you need to follow the instructions or go through it to unlock warriors that's not part of the main story or those that is part of the story but it's not available yet.
  • Downloadable content allows you to get about a few warriors for free or some for the Wii U. The only price is to have enough eShop cash to have additional content to be confirmed and ready to download. Being generous, if you deleted the DLC, you can download again for free unless the Nintendo internet service is closed permanently.