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Wii U 3DS Switch Action
GamePad Wii Remote + Nunchuk
Neutral lstick Neutral nunchuk Neutral cpad Neutral lstick Neutral control Move
B button C button B button B button Bottom button Dodge
Y button Shake remote Y button Y button Left button Regular Attack
X button B button X button X button Top button Strong Attack
A button A button A button A button Right button Special Attack
Neutral rstick Left dpad Right dpad or Neutral cpadPro Neutral rstick
  • Move camera
  • (When locked on) Switch targets
L button or Press rstick Up dpad Up dpad or Zl button L button Press control Lock on
R button 1 button Down dpad or Zr button R button SR button+SL button Activate Focus Spirit
ZL button Z button L button ZL button SL button Guard
ZR button Down dpad R button ZR button SR button+Top button Use item
Left dpad Right dpad Left dpad Right dpad Stylus button Left dpad Right dpad SR button+(Left button/Right button) Select item
Stylus button Up dpad Down dpad SR button+Bottom button Switch characters
Stylus button Press rstick SR button+Press control Fairy Magic
Down dpad 2 button Stylus button Minus button SR button+(Minus button Plus button) Toggle mini map display
Plus button Plus button Start button Plus button Minus button Plus button Pause