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Cia's Tale is designed for people who want to know what happened before the Hyrule Field prologue - before Link comes out and before Ganondorf takes over - including how Lana came to be part of the main story. At this point, with Cia's dark power growing, she decides to recruit two unlikely officers with their own challenges: Wizzro, a flying wizard with a ring, and Volga, named after a red dragon in the Fire Temple of Ocarina of Time.

The search for the ring[edit]

You start out on the side opposite the Storage Base. Go there and take care of Goron officers along the way. The ring is not there, so go to the middle base and take it over by taking out the base leader at the end. You can take care of checkpoint officers to slow the Gorons down but go near the northeast corner, where Wizzro will make his appearance. Wizzro can easily make a good ally but can also easily betray you without a second's notice. For now, he'll open the doors on the west.

Volga's first appearance[edit]

From the middle base, go west for a duel with Volga. Volga can be a bit of a simpleton: he likes to take on powerful warriors and nothing else. Also, his allies are all Lizalfos! As soon as the lizard monsters show up along with the yellow team, Volga will retreat.

Battle for survival[edit]

Bombchus will come from the north and will go to places in which they'll blow up. You've seen it before in Death Mountain, in which one blast turns your allies' base into an enemies' base. You must destroy the Bombchus and anymore Goron officers. At the same time, you might want to keep your Allied Base safe and even Wizzro to avoid a game over. That means taking on dozens of Lizalfos, a summoner, and four yellow bases to minimize Volga's army.

Dodongo double betrayal trouble[edit]

As soon as you have taken care of taking over bases and Gorons, more trouble arises: two Dodongos! One for a fired-up Volga and one for Wizzro, who decides to betray you at that moment! Remember: with Dodongos, throw bombs as soon as they suck the air in, then attack depending on the difficulty itself. As for Wizzro and Volga, they are tough and on the attack, so make sure you keep your distance as you fight. Use your special and spirit attack to cut their health down as fast as you can, and continuously attack until their health is gone; slow motion will signify their defeat.

In the end, Cia uses black magic to control Wizzro and Volga. She then decides to attack the first place she can think of: Hyrule Castle.