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This level and the ones that follow it are exclusive to 3DS and Switch owners. The location should be familiar if you've played the first release of The Wind Waker on the GameCube or the HD release on the Wii U. However, the level's name might be a little misleading, as the level actually covers a series of small islands that have been grouped together. The most recognizable of these islands are Outset Island, Windfall Island, and of course, the Forsaken Fortress. As is to be expected, these islands have been redone for the sake of this game. This takes place after Ganon's defeat.

In the opening cutscene, Lana is attacked by a mysterious being. The Wind Waker islands magically come together to form a mass of land resembling a continent. Although Zelda and Impa won't be directly involved, they'll send you to investigate with your soldiers. Meanwhile, Tetra, now without her pirate crew, is overwhelmed by the mess she's gotten into. If you're expecting Toon Link to make an appearance, don't get your hopes up. Also don't expect a Linkle/Link team-up as it's presumed that Linkle has returned home already, though you can always break the story in Free Mode, which allows you to pick any character for the level.

The Hammer behind the Bomb Shop[edit]

You'll start off the level by yourself with a single ally in Tetra. Tetra, being the headstrong pirate that she is, is willing to help your team investigate these bizarre new circumstances. For those who aren't familiar with Tetra, she goes on journeys with her pirate crew in search of treasure when she comes upon Link (now differentiated from other Links with the "Toon Link" moniker), who rescues her following an attack by the Helmaroc King. Aryll, Toon Link's sister, is then captured in Tetra's place, and an unlikely partnership is formed between the pirate and the young hero. Back to the task at hand, the Bomb Shop can be found behind you, so conquer that base to open the door to the south. Get the treasure to the left of the entrance, then use the hammer (not to be confused with the megaton hammer that Darunia owns) to hit the bolt down and re-open the door. You'll soon see why this item is important.

Forsaken passage[edit]

You have to unblock the passage by finding bolts where the small bomb boats are found. You'll find them to the west, middle-west, and the very northeast. Distractions come in the forms of the Helmaroc King (a giant bird), which will randomly attack your town, and later on, the Gohma north of the southeast corner, where the allied base is. It will be difficult until you conquer three bases of the Forsaken Fortress. The longer you take, the more enemies will come out of the bases. Both the southwest corner base and the northeast quadrant will be open as well, potentially overwhelming you. Tetra should be available to use so switch to her when you have the chance and be thankful that her level is sufficient enough to stay alive.

Boss Biln[edit]

If you manage to clean out the map by taking bases and checkpoint officers, the final destination should be the top northwest corner, where the boss is. Go there with Tetra to take them down and finish the game.

In the following cutscene, the battle might be over but Tetra has been taken by the Helmaroc King again! Without a second thought, Link will chase the giant bird and you'll also find out that Lana hasn't been harmed by the attack. Although not lengthy, her relationship with Cia should be resolved in the last two levels, after the Gerudo Desert level.