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This should be the last adventure for Linkle, and it takes place after Ganon's defeat; both Link and Zelda have left to return the Master Sword, leaving Impa and her army to pick up the pieces. Unfortunately, the remaining monsters are still there. It's up to Linkle to help Impa clean up the monsters that Ganon left behind, including King Dodongo, which previously appeared in the beginning with Link.

Saving Private Soldiers[edit]

The first order of business is simple: keep any important soldiers from dying. Attack the enemy, which consists of big Moblins with shields that shouldn't be too hard to defeat; they'll also leave behind a present for you to take. Clear out from the west side, then go to the east side to clear the rest of the Moblins as fast as you can.

More monsters attack[edit]

Gibdos will come out and try to attack your home base. Attack them near the church on the southwest of the map. Be careful of those zombies coming out, as they have a screech that freezes you in place.

Clear out the bases![edit]

Mainly, you should clear the north and northwest bases, but it's worth clearing all bases marked in red. Few will have special treasures for you or Impa. Like before, clearing out bases slows the flow of enemies coming out.

King Dodongo is back![edit]

Even though you've encountered this giant monster boss before, he's currently immune to attack. Also, the soldiers you save will return to pay the favor by attacking anymore Gibdos coming out from the northwest. Later on, your compass will play a role once more. By blinding Dodongo, his immunity will be gone and the monster is now vulnerable to attack. Command Impa to attack Dodongo with you, following a similar pattern with bombs until Dodongo meets his demise.

The final cutscene will show Linkle joining with Impa and her soldiers in celebration as Link and Zelda return. Congratulations in completing Linkle's adventure. Will she go home after this? Who knows what will happen to her now that she has completed her mission.