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In the history of The Legend of Zelda series, you're never given the ability play as the villain. Previously, Ganondorf was only available in the Super Smash Bros series. In this game, you play the villain leader with Zant and Girihilm by your side. Veterans should know who Ganondorf is in the series: he's an overzealous villain, vying for the triforce in order to not just take Hyrule but also all over the world, using any means to get what he wants in a traditional sense. His presence is usually known after Link gets the Master Sword out of the pedestal. Anyway, you'll start in the Gerudo Desert. According to "Ocarina of Time", he's born with the Gerudo's (women living near the desert on the other side of the bridge) but that group is nowhere to be seen. Instead, you'll be tearing down enemies to earn your place.

Three bases of the south east[edit]

As a start, when you reach near the south west where the settlement is, the gates closed. So conquer the middle base, south middle east base and the bottom south east base to get the settlement gates open again. In the meantime, get Girahim to attack the Lizalfos on the north before they reach the center of the map.

Set the prisoners free[edit]

The next part should be easy. Attack the prison guards, located on the middle north west, the middle north and the corner of south east. The ones marked in yellow will automatically join your side.

Settlement base attack[edit]

With those out of the way, get Ganondorf to go to the two settlements located on the south west where you have to overtake their bases. Make sure to keep on attacking the checkpoint officers to slow the enemies down.

Enemy base showdown[edit]

The Lizalfos will be located at the very corner of north east. If you can travel that far and manage to take a few more bases on the quarter area of north east, you can get there in no time. Once you get there, you'll get locked in as it turns out to be an ambush! But you'll be able to take down half a dozen of lizalfos and aerofols. Also attack the base leader to unlock your area. It maybe over but there's one more surprise left. Or three boss monsters?

Triple giant monster battle[edit]

Dodongo located on the middle south will appear first. Next would be Manhandle located on the south and Gohma is located on the north. If you own the 3DS and Switch, command your allies, Zant and Girahim to join you to make taking down giant monsters easier. Also as an objective, attack them quickly before all three comes together. Make sure you fill up in hearts, magic and spirits to make short work of them, even if your warrior is upgrading at the same time. Anyway, taking down all giant monsters would help finally end this level.

It's fun being a villain in this game huh? There would be two more important levels before you're done being a villain. After all, Ganon wants the triforce really badly.