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This should be the second and final visit if you're playing on the Wii U version. But just a second visit since Ganondorf's terror attack in acquiring the Triforce. Now it's your time to take it back. But you have to deal with Ganon's lieutenants Girahim and Zant.

Chasing Girahim?[edit]

Whichever character you choose, go to the south side where Girahim would be. Attack him as he runs to the north base, next to the connection of the north east corner where the villians have their base. If you're Zelda, Ruto takes over and if you're Lana, Link takes over. Lana will be overwhelmed on the north of the desert. Even worse, the middle area can't be crossed.

Zant's demise?[edit]

Zant will show up on the South Oasis, so take him down to allow passage for your warrior to get to Lana or Link in time. But again, doesn't it seem too easy for you? And why aren't the enemies slowing down? Who's behind this?

Payback time![edit]

There will be a cutscene once you reach Lana/Link. Lana will activate a few portals and the characters from Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princes and Skyward Sword come out of the portals. You'll be able to control three more if you own the 3DS and Switch. As always, attack checkpoint officers and bases to slowdown enemies and keep them from respawning.

Girahim and Zant's reign is over[edit]

It's time to go to the north east corner showdown at the enemy base. You'll definitely face off against two major opponents from "Skyward Sword" and "Twilight Princess" respectfully. Not exactly the same as fighting against Wizzrobe and Volga but it comes close enough for a two on one fight unless you're doing it in co-op.

With those two out of the way, there's one more obstacle left: Ganondorf's reign over Zelda's castle and Hyrule itself. Be prepared for the final battle!