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A movie is shown of Zelda playing her harp until the sky of darkness swamps over her, causing her to wake up to the nightmare. Impa assures Zelda of the oncoming danger and shows the green hero suit with the blue bandana will be given to someone to take on that mantle of "hero". Zelda and Impa walked on the tall wall of the castle and see Link in training with one of the soldiers in displaying his skill with the shield, sword and the ability to jump as well. But the women were interrupted by a soldier as a horde of monsters with Wizzro and Volga march towards the castle. Zelda orders Impa to ready the soldiers for battle. Not before Zelda took one more glance of Link in his soldier uniform.

After Link saw Zelda leave the training ground from the high stone wall, he decides to take a sword and rushes in to battle.

Link steps into the fray[edit]

You start at the front of the castle. Use this opportunity to familiarize yourself with the controls. Go to where Impa is first. For Wii U owners, you'll be stuck with Link throughout, but for 3DS and Switch owners, at some point, Zelda and later Impa will be available to control later in this level.

You should take out the enemy checkpoint on the left side marked on the map with a diamond shape and red color code. Doing this slows the number of enemy troops down. In the midst of the battle, a fairy will join with you in the battle. Her name is Proxi, a homage to Navi from Ocarina of Time, the fairy who guided Link on his adventure. Link doesn't really talk so Proxi will do the talking for him.

First duel with Volga[edit]

After meeting with Impa, in a matter of minutes, the southern doors of the abandon fort will open. Go in and see the intro of Volga. When battling Volga, his weakness will show in like a hexagon-circle shape. Keep attacking until about halfway through his health. (Unlike the health bars in Dynasty and Samurai Warriors, you have hearts instead.) After Volga is about halfway down in health, a cutscene will play where Impa saves Link just in time before getting burned by Volga. Miraculously, Link's power saves Impa from danger as well before Volga makes his exit. Note that Link's left hand displays the Triforce of Courage by the end of the cutscene.

Race for the bomb[edit]

The abandon fort should be fully open now. Continue north, attacking the enemy checkpoint along the way. Remember that you can lock on important foes you need to defeat to complete this level. For example, any boss or important warriors that's attempting to thwart you. Lock on to the Lizalfos and defeat him in order to unlock the north area where a treasure chest can be fund. Go in and open the treasure, and you'll obtain your first special item: the bomb. You need to use the bomb after the minions block your exit with the boulders.

Zelda clearing the West Fort (3DS and Switch only)[edit]

At this point, you can change characters. For Wii U owners, just break the boulders with the bomb and join up with Zelda. 3DS and Switch owners need to switch to Zelda, and direct her to the near left fort. Start knocking the minions down. As you do, enemies continuously respawn. Keep going until the base boss appears. Lock on and take him down. Once it's confirmed that you conquered the base, use the bomb to let Link and Impa in.

Base attack![edit]

Once Link, Impa and Zelda join up, use either Link or Zelda to clear the middle fort while the other soldiers take the north east as they are successful as well. Link and Zelda have to reach the Fairy Fountain at the south east while at the same time, you have to switch to Impa to take care of Lizalfos and the open gate on the north west where you first got the bombs. Take care of Lizalfos in order for the gate to close again.

If you want a detour, then note the heart containers before you start your mission. Treasures will donate to a specific character, like for example, Link gets a heart container while Zelda's full heart container is found elsewhere on the map. Before you get the middle fort, head north then west (opposite the Abandon Fort) to another fort. Clear it so the red treasure would appear. Open it to collect the heart container, the same way you got the bomb. Speaking of which, go north and look east from the checkpoint officers. There's a bomb boulder. Blow it to find another treasure that has a full heart container.

Speaking about treasures, it will either appear as important or random depending on how often you play this level. If you already have the heart containers or important weapons, next time, it will come out as a brown treasure that has less important weapons or rupees. Red treasure indicates more important items like weapons, items and heart containers.

It might be advantageous to take the north and north east base. Don't worry about the very north east base as the soldiers would take over it automatically. Wizzro would disappear since he doesn't have time for you. When you're done with the north, including taking care of the remaining Lizalfos, take over the middle base so the door can shut itself from enemies. The same would happen on the very north east side.

Use the bomb to get into the fountain at the south east corner location. Step on to the circle on the floor, and press the button indicated on the screen to call a Fairy to help you. The cutscene will show fairies gathering bombs and building a giant bomb, which drops and blows the minions to smithereens!

Boss ambush![edit]

Wizzro will call on Dodongo before he disappears. Zelda will disappear as well. Go to the center fort for the appearance of Dodongo, crashing into the fort. Just as Link did in Ocarina of Time, you have to throw bombs into the monsters mouth in order to subdue it, before you hack and slash at his weakpoint. Do it about two or three times until Dodongo is defeated. Although it's a victory, Impa realize that this is just a distraction and Zelda just disappeared! In a cutscene, Impa gives Link the Legendary Hero tunic to wear for the upcoming battle.

Skulltulla location[edit]

Once you hit 1,000 kills, go to south of the Abandon Fort around the left near the wall where you'll find your first gold skulltulla. You must strike it before times runs out as it disappears from the battlefield.


Completing this stage will unlock "Free Mode", "Adventure Mode" and "Extra Mode" via Nintendo eShop to unlock more characters, items, clothing and so on.