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Since Wizzro and Volga are now under Cia's control, Cia can begin the invasion. With Poes and Lizalfos involved, Hyrule Field is going to go to pieces. However, Cia won't be involved; you can only control Wizzro and Volga in this level.

Playing in the fields[edit]

Start by conquering the middle base as one of your allies, depending on who you choose, start attacking the northwest base so you can open the door to the south. Goron officers will show up so try to attack them before they reach the enemies' base on the southwest corner.

Lana and Impa's desperation[edit]

Lana is trying to stop your army from attacking. She'll be located at the north-east base. Go all the way to her position and attack her until she's defeated.

Impa will then come out and decide to go to the Fairy Fountain. Go to her and defeat her as well. She'll come out of the southwest corner, so be ready to take her down until she's defeated.

Zelda's reckoning[edit]

Zelda can't take it anymore and decides to come out from the west side. Unless you want to wait for Impa to come out again, attack Zelda as quickly as you can.

Admitting defeat, Zelda calls on everyone to retreat and fight another day. Cia will continue on her conquest as she discovers more unique locations along the way.