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Continuing on her adventure, this timeline takes place after both Impa and Sheik (who turns out to be Zelda) closed the Gate of Souls. Volga takes the allied base and Darunia is determined to take him on; it's pretty much the same thing in reverse. Instead of starting outside the Water Temple, you and Ruto will start inside the Water Temple.

Help the engineers![edit]

You and Ruto will start at the south end of the temple. Eliminate as many Lizalfos in the temple as you can. Because the doors has been closed, protecting three Goron engineers from danger can help speed up the process since time is not on their side.

Protect Darunia![edit]

As soon as the doors are opened by the Goron engineers, command Ruto to protect Darunia while you take care of Poes and Lizalfos. Volga will also send two special Lizalfos, making you do two jobs at once. At Darunia's side, take care of all of the monstrous enemies attacking him and if his health is low with the green circle, go close to him and he'll heal automatically.

Linkle on the other hand must take care of all threats, including two special Lizalfos. The bases will open afterward, so quickly take their base to minimize the flow of monsters coming out.

Darunia versus Volga?[edit]

Multitasking can be a difficult thing unless it's second nature to you. If you've gotten everything like Skulltullas, bases, checkpoint officers and any important officers you need to defeat, that's when you have to defeat Volga. Make sure both Darunia and Ruto are alive, as they are both important in dealing with any more officers left. It may appear to be a battle between Darunia and Volga but with Ruto and Linkle, it's more like a three to one fight.

Once it's over, Linkle will continue on her adventure, going the wrong way again. Don't worry though, she'll reach the castle very soon.