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As Cia's army arrives, it becomes clear that Midna and Zant are at war with each other. Midna has occupied a good amount of space, leaving Zant with only three bases. How you deal with them is up to you. For this level, you can only choose between Cia and Wizzro.

Center of attention[edit]

You might want to start off attacking the middle area, full of Gibdos and armored fighters, until it's been cleared out. Make sure your ally protects Volga and the Allied Base. You'll also want to take the yellow base on the southeast corner to minimize Zant's army. Midna's assault officers will go to your Allied Base, so get rid of them quickly to avoid anymore trouble.

Midna or Zant? Who do you choose?[edit]

If you decide to take Zant down first, Midna's army will be fired up. Zant will then disappear until you take down not just Midna, but also Agitha when Midna orders her army to lock up the castle (from the middle to the middle-west where two bases have been taken). Zant will come back with Argorok on the north side before you finally defeat him.

For an easier approach, you should attack Midna first, getting Zant's army fired up instead. What happens after Midna's defeat with Agitha is similar to what happens after Zant's defeat, but Zant won't disappear on you.

Zant is escaping![edit]

After you defeat Argorok with the hookshots, Zant will try to run to the Fairy Fountain to escape. You might want to hurry, as speed is important. Aim for Zant and take him down before he escapes for real. Don't worry, he'll stop as soon as you attack him first.

Zant will give in and decide to go with Cia under submission. Cia is almost done, with one more unique detour left: Skyloft.