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Continuing on Linkle's adventure, this takes place after Link arrives here. Ghirahim however is back and is not done yet with the discovery of the Gate of Souls at his home base. The good news is the Imprisoned giant is gone. The bad news is that smaller versions of the Imprisoned are slowly building up on the Sealed Ground. It's up to you, Linkle, and Fi to end the supply of Imprisoned from turning the Sealed Ground upside down.

In the middle of the ground[edit]

You start by dealing with three Imprisoned at the start. Though they might seem harmless, they can still hurt you despite not having any arms. But that's just the beginning. Ghirahim is determined to hide the Gate of Souls, so he'll send as many enemies as he can to keep your team stalled for time.

Ceremony and Controller Troops[edit]

Two types of troops will show up. Ceremony Troops will conjure more of the Imprisoned while Controller Troops will control the Imprisoned. Defeat as many as you can to foil Ghirahim's plan for the Imprisoned population. You should also continuously attack the Imprisoned to keep those beasts down to a minimum.

Certain monsters will attack your home Allied Base. Remember to at least get Fi to protect her home base, otherwise it will be over before it begins.

Ghirahim in a rage![edit]

With his plans failing, Ghirahim will use the energy of the Imprisoned to attack the Allied Base! Follow Fi's advice and attack any remaining Imprisoned on the map so Ghirahim will be weak enough to be dealt with. Make sure the Owl Statues are open and available for transporting yourself near the base. Defeat Ghirahim and this level is over.

Linkle, happy that she saved the day, will continue on her adventure. If you're worried that she'll go off track again, thankfully there's one more detour left before she reaches Hyrule Castle.