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Cia's journey for domination will take one more detour to Skyloft. It's all deception and betrayal to the sunny side of this sky island; switching from friends to enemies in the blink of an eye requires both preparation and timing when it comes to dominating Skyloft. You can choose between Cia, Wizzro, and Volga in this one.

An unlikely ally[edit]

While you take the first base near you, Fi and her soldiers have problems of their own: The Imprisoned, a gigantic black monster, has somehow landed on this sky island. Your allies will pretend for the moment that they'll help them. This includes Fi, who may need help from time to time when her health is low.

This should be easy for the first half. Simply take down The Imprisoned by commanding your allies around it. If you played as Link in the Sealed Grounds before, then taking on The Imprisoned is a no-brainer; take down all toes on its black foot, six nails from the left and right and two nails from the back of both feet. Then you follow by attacking its weak spot as many times as you can depending on the difficulty.

Ghirahim thinks your team is ruining his plan and goes to attack your Allied Base. Get any of your officers to defeat him so that he won't interfere with your plan. Volga or Cia would be ideal against Ghirahim and his impressive swordsmanship.

Race against the base[edit]

When Ghirahim is taken care of and The Imprisoned has been defeated, command all your allies as soon as the color changes and the bases, highlighted by flashes, are available and open. Conquer the important bases to keep Fi's reinforcement from reaching the Allied Base. Multitask as you take down bases and officers, going to retake bases you've already taken over. Ghirahim will realize that your team is helping him so he'll give you some support.

Fi's defeat[edit]

As soon as you manage to overtake all but one base and cut down all of Fi's officers, you have to go all the way to the southeast corner for one final battle. Take care of a final few officers and Fi as well. Since Link isn't around, taking care of Fi should be straight forward. Ghirahim will happily join up with Cia's team for the time being.

One more level in Cia's tale will help explain how she made the Valley of Seers her home base.