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This is probably the most absurd levels in Hyrule Warriors. It's describe as being at a mansion with pictures of Link in the frame everywhere. At this point, you're only ally is Darunia whether you choose him or switch to him on 3DS and Nintendo Switch. Again, you can only choose Link but the second time, you can choose anyone else.

Six Magical Bases[edit]

It might sound easy at first but all the rooms were separated by hallways and having a boss room in the middle. Make sure you take down all rooms and to add to the pressure, you have to keep your allies alive. Even if the key people disappear, they'll come back.

Dark Links everywhere[edit]

Cia might be there but she'll disappear and have Dark Link challenge you to a duel. Veterans should know that this black evil Link first appeared in "Ocarina of Time". In that game, it's nearly impossible as he'll mirror your moves unless you can think of an unconventional way of taking him down in the Water Temple. Here should be a lot easier.

Then again, once the first Dark Link is gone, many more shows up on the map. You can go to the locations and especially saving your allies. Eventually, another Dark Link will be back at the boss room in the middle.

There would be a cutscene of your allies coming to your rescue after multiple Dark Links show up to attack you. Please remember the hero Link will not be confused because of the color of his tunic. Everyone tells you to overcome your weakness and the Dark Links would disappear.

Ganondorf is back! Right?[edit]

Ganondorf's team will show up in yellow and will come from the south. Your allies will escape down the corner south west. Ganondorf will come from the corner south east and Zelda will get into the fight. Go to where Zelda is and take down Ganondorf to end this level. You'll think that he's gone for now but don't celebrate yet: You still need to take down Cia before destruction becomes imminent and end her evil design.

Skulltulla location[edit]

After 1,000 kills, go to the middle south west base. Then go further west until you find a wall to break. Use the bomb and the skulltulla would be right behind it. The music will turn on after you hit it and add a part to the picture collection at the end.