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This should be the second time you go into this level. The difference: this time the group is trying to save Cia from Dark Cia, and you have to do it before Cia herself disappears. The King of Red Lions himself will play an active role along with Tetra, as they are both part of the Wind Waker cast.

Darkness and despair[edit]

Remember when Link had to fight Dark Links before? This time, you have to battle Dark Cia for a brief moment in the same room. But at the start, you need to take care of Gibdos (Zelda's version of zombies) on both the southeast and west sides. The bases will be closed for the moment except for the middle-north room where Dark Cia is.

Saving Cia from the end[edit]

After Dark Cia leaves, Lana will make the real Cia appear for the first time. You may remember back in the Valley of Seers when Cia used up her magic to the very end until she disappeared and Ganondorf took over.

Unless you have co-op, your team has to take down all six bases and deal with an avalanche of ghosts and zombies that may outright end Cia's life. The King of Red Lions will be available to control, so make sure you have at least one to three warriors protect Cia at all costs. Like before, overtaking bases and checkpoint officers should help stem the flow of enemies and minimize the time it takes for the enemies to charge in and attack Cia.

Two Dark Links and a Dark Cia[edit]

These three will now show up. It would be ideal for Link himself to take care of the Dark Links on both the west and east sides. Dark Cia will go up the middle for the final confrontation so use any warrior to attack her and the level will end as long as Cia herself is still alive.

Cia will then reveal that Phantom Ganon stole her magic powers and used her presence to attack Lana and take her Triforce power, so there is one more level to deal with as the ultimate confrontation. Be prepared for the ghostly Ganon boss!