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This is the last level of the prologue. Your team is facing Cia's army head on. Any currently available characters might be useful but it would be worth it to use Lana for the first time.

Taking the middle keeps and Volga[edit]

Start by attacking the closest base on the east, follow by the north. Impa, uncertain about Sheik decides to go on her own where Volga is going to attack. At this point, you can take control of Sheik and go to Impa's aid. Once Volga has been taken care of, attack the middle right base to complete the objective.

Engineer soldier on the way![edit]

With the east bridge inaccessible, the engineer shows up and asks to be protected while he reaches the destination. More monsters would show up, including Poes. If he has been defeated, don't worry! Cia is generous enough to lower the bridge.

Volga's lizalfos commanders come to battle[edit]

At this point, Impa would be available. Get Impa to take care of two tough lizalfos commanders that were second in command to Volga.

Looking for the boomerang[edit]

Go around the north area, taking down any available bases and checkpoint guards to slow the enemy down. Wait until the north-west base is open. Make sure to collect the boomerang, as it's the only thing that can take down the moving vines. After dealing with the trap. You have to take down enemies within the base and open the treasure in order for the trap to open again. Go around and take care of the vines and open the entrance door to make if more accessible. Go to Cia at the very middle north enemy base.

Another giant monster?![edit]

Cia will launch another monster onto the battlefield. If you remember the monster's appearance in Ocarina of Time and perhaps The Wind Waker, the idea here is the same: wait until the deku heads come out. Make sure to use the boomerang on all heads because taking on only one or two will increase the time you take to reach the weak point. Cia will disappear and you can take the enemy base to get the red treasure for one of the characters.

As Lana, go down from the enemy base and if you own the 3DS or Switch version, command everyone to gather around the monster. Lana's team ability kicks in from this point onward. The more warriors gather around the monster, the faster the monster can be defeated by the special abilities shown on the screen. When the monster separates, find the Manhandler's heads on the map and hit them with the boomerang. Keep going until you get the right one. Command your team again and defeat it once and for all. This marks the end of the level as the cutscene kicks in.

Worlds colliding[edit]

In a cutscene, Cia disappears and the group splits up into three worlds. Veterans of the series should recognize the games and their respective consoles; Impa and Sheik go to Ocarina of Time, first released on Nintendo 64. Lana goes to Twilight Princess, the last game on Nintendo GameCube and the first of the series released on Nintendo Wii. Link himself goes to Skyward Sword, released only on Nintendo Wii.