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Link now has the Master Sword but you need it to end Cia's never ending power reign in taking over the world. Your team might be prepared but so is Cia's team as well.

De ja vu all over again[edit]

If you memorize this map already, you should know what to do. Take the nearest bases while attacking leaders and officers. Most importantly, you need Link to guard the soldier engineer near the south east while Lana takes the base from the middle to the north west.

Zelda plan a success?[edit]

This part by gathering the key villains near the Fairy Fountain in the center can be tricky and time consuming. Follow the objectives in luring villains into or near the Fairy Fountain until it's ready. Also worth noting that if you're playing Zelda, Ruto will be her replacement. Time it right and your army morale goes up. Do it wrong and enemies get their upper hand.

Volga's last battle[edit]

Volga will come out to battle in the center above the Fairy Fountain. Zelda or Ruto will convince Volga from using anymore dark magic power. He'll agree to it and let's any of your warriors battle him one last time. Volga gets defeated and he won't regret it due to his pride and honor.

Cia triple trouble[edit]

Out of ideas, Cia has one more trick up her sleeve: Make couples of herself and crush your team down! Also she'll continuously give her army more power in order for her team to endure the slaughter. Considering how far you come in the game, take down the Cia doubles before they reach your Allied Base.

Goodbye Cia[edit]

Once her doubles are gone, now's your chance. Make sure you clean up the bases and checkpoint officers to avoid any further or her army attacking your Allied Base. Go to Cia at the very top and have a duel there to finally end her power hungry determination.

In the cutscene, Cia makes peace with Lana before she disappears, giving her triforce of power to Lana. Darunia, Ruto, Agitha, Midna and Fi disappears into the teleport and Lana, Link and Zelda use their power to turn Hyrule back to normal before Lana departs.

At the Temple of the Sacred Sword where Link gets the Master Sword, the dark smoke comes out and Ganondorf has been resurrected, with his evil laugh and that's where the cutscene ends. You've been playing the "good guys" for a major while, so consider a change of pace in the next level, playing Ganondorf for the first time!