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This walkthrough will help you find your way around the unique levels that's been redesigned to be in line with the Dynasty/Samurai Warriors series. Also depending on whether you're playing on the Nintendo Wii U, New Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Switch, the difference can be explained in each level.

  • Skulltullas can be found in two ways: On your first walkthrough, get 1,000 kills and search for the unique spider to unlock something special and uncover a picture, one square at a time. On your second walkthrough, go on the hard difficulty and find another unique way of getting the skulltulla.
  • Handle running objectives in each level. It maybe easy on the Wii U, but on the 3DS and Switch, you're going to need all four characters out without letting one die. Otherwise, it's game over. Teamwork is key when you are able to switch between characters at some point in the level or they all been unlocked at the start.
  • Minimize enemy advances by taking their bases and checkpoint officers to keep enemy soldiers at bay. That includes taking down officers with their unique specialties before they hit your Allied Base. Also protect items and officers to their destination to help improve their morale.
  • Be thorough: Run as much as you can and get as many things as you can, such as a warriors heart, a key item and a special weapon. Also, if you see Owl Statues, activate it so you can use your ocarina to travel to that spot later on. But on the 3DS and Switch, plan and use up to four warriors to handle multiple objectives by touching the character's face on the 3DS or the dpad on the Switch. Lastly, you can command your warriors on the map for example protect the warrior or protect the Allied Base.
  • Try any modes your comfortable with. Legend Mode deals with the story and introducing you to all the characters that were part of the story. Adventure Mode put you in many scenarios for you to handle. Challenge Mode puts you to the test in strength and endurance. Gallery is the place where you see what you've unlocked. Extras is simply a place where you get to download unique features to be added to your game. Unless you own a Switch that has everything at the start. Don't be afraid to give all the modes a try for the first time.