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If there's something in common with the Dynasty/Samurai Warriors (and other Warriors games) is the weapons. No one character have the same or identical weapons at all. Most weapons for everyone would be unlocked as you progress through the Legend Mode. Unlocking more weapons would require a lot of time and effort in Adventure Mode. So do some research to find out where the weapons would be in all versions from the Wii U to the 3DS to the Switch.

When choosing a character with a weapon, you need to experiment it in three areas: normal attacks (follow by power attack), special attack and spirit attack (follow by a special attack at the end). Depending on the weapon, it follows a pattern when attacking a group or one person. For example, Link's Master Sword might follow a straight line when attacking then use a special spin attack on the highlighted area. Midna's wolf attack would be all over the place and harder to use. Darunia, using a Megaton Hammer would use spins and power attacks to make up for his slow stature. So experiment with them until you get the rhythm down.

You don't have to be offensive all the time: blocking is essential as well. Hold the block button as it's vital against opponents that has overwhelming power against you. If your opponent is really powerful, then back off and find another way until your opponent loses its flame. For example, taking down keeps or go to the Fairy Fountain for help.

If there's one difference between this game version and the Dynasty/Samurai Warriors series is simple: A dynasty or samurai warrior is only using one weapon no matter how powerful it is. The characters here will have one to three weapons when going through Legend and Adventure mode. Also, you can experiment with the weapons quirks. For example, you can get rid of materials and fuse experience on the weapon's attribute. Don't forget to pay attention to the weapons strength. The stars indicate how strong the weapon is.

It will take a lot to get through as unlike Dynasty/Samurai Warriors, the weapon system has depth that allows you to customize how you want to use it with minimum fuss. With the explanation finished, go through the Walkthrough and start your journey as the Hyrule Warrior.