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Series veterans who have played The Wind Waker will recognize a mix of Wind and Earth Temples in which Toon Link teams up with both Medli and Korok to deal with the major puzzles leading up to both bosses of the two temples. The temples are much simpler than their Wind Waker incarnations, but the simplicity comes with a price: Cia's life is on the line and she must be protected.

Four the bases![edit]

You must first conquer the bases on each corner of the map in order to put a stop to the lightning that's attacking your army. With the King of Red Lions and Tetra, use the hammer, then the hookshot to get to the base. Use the King of Red Lions in particular to attack the messenger on the right first before attacking the base on the left.

Two the monsters![edit]

Once the corner bases have been overtaken, Gohma will show up in the southwest and Manhandle will show up in the southeast. Cia's Allied Base will also be attacked later on at the same time. First, get Link and Lana on both ends and use the hammer and hookshot to open up more paths, then team up against the two monsters. Deal with Manhandle first since it requires the boomerang. Gohma has to be hit by arrows in the eye. Once both monsters have been dealt with, retake the bases to stop the lightning base. If Cia is in dire need of help, leave someone with her so she can stay alive as she's key for the finale. If you have the option, take the two middle-west and east bases for treasures and to slow the enemies down.

One for Phantom Ganon![edit]

Once everything has been dealt with, Phantom Ganon will come out of his base. Command your team toward Phantom Ganon. Your team will automatically use their powers together. Attack him once the cutscene is over. Cia will be out of action so use special and spirit powers from every character and attack his weakpoint as much as you can. You'll reach one more cutscene to signify the end of this exclusive adventure.

All's well that ends well[edit]

The cutscene will show Phantom Ganon's defeat. The King of Red Lions and Tetra will disappear, waving goodbye. Link, Lana and the good Cia return to Hyrule Castle to meet Zelda and close the Wind Waker world before Lana and Cia leave, with Lana waving goodbye. Last of all, this would not be complete without the credits! If you're still itching to do something after the credits, try changing difficulties and go for more skulltullas, including the ones you couldn't get before. Also, try Adventure Mode and Challenge Mode to unlock further surprises like characters, costumes and even more powerful weapons. Keep fighting to become the number one Hyrule Warrior!