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Box artwork for IA/VT Colorful.
IA/VT Colorful
Developer(s)Marvelous AQL
Publisher(s)Marvelous AQL
Year released2015
System(s)PlayStation Vita
ModesSingle player
Rating(s)CERO Ages 15 and up
TwitchIA/VT Colorful Channel

IA/VT Colorful is a rhythm game for the PlayStation Vita developed and published by Marvelous AQL and released in Japan on July 30, 2015. Like the Project DIVA series and Megpoid the Music before it, the music of IA/VT is sung by a singing voice synthesizer, sold commercially as Vocaloids. As the title suggests, the star of the game is 1st PLACE Co.'s Vocaloid, IA, whose voice samples were provided by popular Japanese vocalist Lia.

Gameplay involves pressing the Vita's face buttons in time to the music, as prompted on screen. Songs are scored by the number of correct notes hit as well as the timing of the notes. While a number of music videos are taken directly from their song's original producer, others feature unique videos created exclusively for the game. Some songs in the latter category also allow the player to switch IA's costume, with a variety unlockable through the game's various gameplay modes. Additional features include the ability to change the design of the rhythm skin and UI.

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