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Easy Street begins with tracks almost as simple as the tutorial. However, there are two difficult tracks in this set, and the AI is known to quickly complete the courses as well.

Grapple Up[edit]

A short 2 lap course, where you only need to grapple two ledges before jumping to the goal.

The fastest method is Z button + UpRight control, and presssing B button when you reach the platform.

Mind the gap[edit]

A short 2 lap course. You will first need to either jump to the next platform, but if you forget, you can take the warp instead. On the second platform, there is a small gap you need to jump.

Unlike the previous race, you need to climb a ring before reaching the goal.

Loop da loop[edit]

The first part is similar to the previous maps. At the end, there is a warp that brings you to one of two loops, where you will automatically speed through.

On the final climb, try to remain close to the edge.[edit]

Speed down the first part of the track, but jump when you reach the end.

In the tower climb, you will encounter armored tracks.

To reach the goal, jump with A button and grapple while jumping.

Jump up, up, up...[edit]

Make a small jump over the gap at the start.

Follow the Path[edit]

When you make your first jump, try to move quickly in the direction of the arrows, or by trying aiming towards the unarmored section of the track.

When you reach the end, you will encounter a section where you need to wait for a few seconds. The AI will try attacking - either counter attack or perform a reversal.

Movin' on up[edit]

Ride the Roller[edit]

Tricky Grapplin'[edit]

Baby Enchilada[edit]