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Regular forces[edit]

Name Armor HP Weight Security
Blit N/A
A strange breed of parasite that can drain nano armor rapidly.
Turret 200 1 1 variable
A defensive turret meant to target humans. Explodes when destroyed, but can be kicked off the support harmlessly.
Tasen Scout 100 1 3 2
A light Tasen soldier with a Machinegun.
Tasen Soldier 100 2 4 4
A Tasen soldier with a Machinegun and Rocket Launcher. Can dodge incoming shots, and may be equipped with Spread Rockets.
Tasen Commander 100 5 6 5
A commander with a large claw used as a melee attack, and a Rocket Launcher.
Tasen Elite 100 15 9 6
Uses a melee kick, and equipped with a Machinegun, Rocket Launcher, and an MPFB. Sometimes equipped with a Dual Machinegun and Spread Rockets. Immune to knockback.
Tasen Shredder 1000 special 4 5
A hovercraft used by the Tasen to ram targets. Explodes on destruction. Can be cracked to electrocute the driver (which was intended as a defense mechanism to prevent theft by Komato.)

This vehicle is the only unit in the game that doesn't use HP; all damage is deducted from armor instead, which can resist the equivalent of five rockets.

Komato Trooper 200 3 6 5
Equipped with Pulse Cannon (or Hyper Pulse) and a Shocksplinter. Can dodge projectiles.
Komato Berserker 200 10 8 7
Equipped with either a Shocksplinter or Plasma Cannon, as well as a Resonance Detonator and Resonance Reflector. Lands upright when knocked back. Explodes when killed. The Berserker may teleport suddenly into the field of battle.
Komato Beast 200 1 7 6
Performs a body slam: Deals HP damage to Iji if she touches it. Explodes when killed.
Komato Assassin 200 4-6 1 9
Can rapidly teleport. Equipped with laser daggers, two Plasma Cannons, and an automatic Resonance Reflector, making projectile weapons useless. However, they will not pursue targets beyond their initial location. Vulnerable to the Shotgun, Buster Gun, Kick/Resonance Detonator, Pulse/Hyper Pulse, and Nuke.
Komato Annihilator 200 80 10 10
Can grab and electrocute targets, and equipped with a Plasma Cannon, triplefire Shocksplinter, and a choice of a Hyper Pulse or a Splintergun. Immune to knockback.
Komato Skysmasher 400 1 1 25
A flying drone that shoots Shocksplinters. Explodes when destroyed, unless hit with a melee attack or Resonance Detonator.


Name Armor HP
Tasen Elite Krotera 100 25
The highest ranking member of the Tasen forces, who also carries a rapid-fire MPFB. His command center also contains turrets to provide additional firepower against hostile targets.
Komato Assassin Asha 200 8
A one-handed assassin that initially challenges Iji. Can throw a volley of laser daggers in addition to the various normal assassin attacks.
Komato Sentinel Proxima 200 200
Can fire spread rockets, a rocket hail, splintergun (multidirectional mount), MPFB (multidirectional mount), Plasma cannons, and a Nuke. May also try to tackle the target.
Komato Annihilator Iosa 200 400
Equipped with a full array of annihilator weaponry, as well as the Velocithor V2-10.
Iosa the Invincible Special
Equipped with razor-sharp claws for melee attacks, and a nanoshield that blocks most weapon attacks.
Komato Assassin Asha 2 200 10
After taking additional training with three new attacks (megasmash, plasma rage and plasma vortex), Asha can now dodge almost any attack (including the nuke) without problem. However, Asha is still vulnerable to the shotgun and Buster gun.
Komato General Tor 200 900, 1050 or 1200
Equipped with a large array of weaponry; see Sector X for a full description.