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Iji Sector 1.png

You've gotten up from your bed, and are given a quick briefing on the situation about the Tasen. Dan informs you from the speakers that you need to contact Kotera, located in Sector 3 and convince him to withdraw his ship from the planet.

The map is in two parts: the first section is a tutorial to give you information on how to play the game, the second part contains some enemies on patrol. The common enemies are scouts, but there are some soldiers as well.


Requires: Strength 2

Head to the right and improve to Strength 2. Then run back left to the beginning and kick down the door. You'll see the scientists that worked on you, with the poster just behind him.


The ribbon is located in the top-right corner of the map. Either break the glass and jump through, or kick open the door from the elevator side.


Requires: Strength 4

Get at least Strength 4, and head to the top floor of the map. Break down boxes, and get the Tasen Soldier to follow you. When he gets close enough to the downward step, kick him to the left and run to the left elevator.

He'll follow, and eventually try firing a rocket; this will break down a wall, where you can reach the super charge.


If you viewed all 10 posters, you can use the teleporter to reach Sector Z. However, this sector isn't useful until you also unlock all 12 Extras, find all 10 ribbons, conquer all sectors in sudden death mode, and learn all 4 hidden skills.

You can use the numpad to move the camera around; look carefully at the huge stack of boxes.

A Komato trooper tried hitting his head on as many ceiling lamps as possible. All he got was a reprimand from his Berserker.