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You have just defeated Annihilator Iosa, and are now on the final leg to reach General Tor, and persuade him to leave the planet and call off the alpha strike.


On the first room, take either the upper or lower path and head to the right. Kick down the doors and go up the lift.

To proceed further, you need to destroy the mobile power core. To gain access to the core, you need to activate terminals to the left and right. The left terminal is within a set of three floors, located to the left in the middle. If you can't access the terminal directly, you can still kick the bottom door and read the terminal from there.

The right terminal is guarded by Asha. You will want to upgrade your weapons and skills before the encounter, as well as activate the checkpoint.

After activating both terminals, return to the core and fire your weapon at it. The doors below will open.

The next area contains three routes. The bottom route is normally unusable, unless you can use the terminal below (see Sector 8). Head to the right, past the various enemies.

When you reach the lift, head upward. If you have sufficient cracking skill, you can use the doors and lift, but otherwise will have to jump up via the platforms and ceilings. The final shaft is guarded by pairs of turrets; rocket launchers, followed by plasma, and MPFB Devastators.

Enter the teleporter to reach the rooms before General Tor. Be sure to resupply in the armory before proceeding up the final shaft.

Komato Assassin Asha[edit]

Asha is guarding one of the terminals to the mobile power core.

As with the previous encounter, Asha will not dodge Shotguns or Buster Guns. However, the additional training now allows dodging the nuke, and as such you are restricted to the most primitive weapons.

A few new moves exist as well:

  • Shock mines - creates a short lightning arc
  • Plasma Vortex - Fires eight plasma beams
  • Megasmash - Creates an large explosion: dodged by jumping upward.
  • Plasma Rage - Covers the room with plasma beams: dodged by ducking.

Halfway through the fight, Asha will create fake images in order to confuse you - remember that the real Asha will appear completely solid.

On the bright side, you can still be auto-revived at the checkpoint once if you get killed during the fight.

Komato General Tor[edit]

Komato General Tor is the final opponent in the game. His attacks are powerful, and have great coverage - the weakness of these attacks is that they are dodgeable by a small and agile target.

On the Normal difficulty level, Tor has 6 health bars. On Hard, Tor has 7 health bars. On Extreme and Ultimortal, or if "Max Charge Tor" is selected, Tor has 8 health bars.

Periodically throughout the fight, he will jump to a neighbouring building and fire one of his long range attacks:

  • Death Hail: Dodgeable by standing between the landing points of the first wave, and moving into the gap within the second wave.
  • Eruption: Fires a beam at the ground, to cause an explosion. Dodgeable by jumping.
  • Megamissile: Fired in a batch of four, which home in on Iji. Can be deflected, but won't damage Tor.

His short range attacks are fired in pairs. Two attacks will come rapidly, followed by a short gap as the dust settles. In each "round" he fires any six of these attacks, making 3 pairs.

  • Heavy stomp: Sends a shockwave along that knocks Iji into the air. Deals no damage, but makes it hard to dodge the next attack. Jump over it to avoid.
  • Arch Devastator: Fires five MPFB Devastator shots, one of them at Iji and two to each side.
  • Zica Burst: Fires three shots. The one that hit the ground creates two waves that move slowly. Jump into the gap between the two waves.
  • Tyrian Claw: A wave of spikes with an Iji-sized gap in between each spike.
  • Ripper: Flies out, hovers, then spins towards the target. Can be reflected.
  • Fractal Rockets: A rocket that splits into similar sub-rockets. Can be reflected. Jump between the high and low-flying rockets to dodge.
  • Ragebomb: A set of shells which break apart and hit the ground. Can be reflected.
  • Ultra shotgun: Several crosshairs appear, followed by explosions at those points.

If you are hit with a given attack, he is more likely to use it in future attacks.

After the volley of short ranged attacks, he fires a single charged shot. Reflect it back at him for heavy damage. It's not the end of the world if you fail to reflect it, as it will orbit Tor until he fires his superweapon, and you can reflect it into him any time you get close to him.

His superweapon, the Phantom Hammer is fired if three consecutive charge shots were not reflected back. It's easy to see coming, as his gun will glow and flash white for several seconds before firing. However, it will instantly kill Iji if it hits. He stomps the ground before firing to knock you into its path, so make a short hop over the stomp and it will shoot harmlessly over your head.

If three charged shots are ready but Tor has taken heavy damage, he will instead fire the Nanostorm, a stream of small projectiles that drain Iji's armor quickly.


Located in the final room before General Tor, on the top floor.


Reckless use of some weapons may prevent you from getting the poster.

Requires: Nuke, Splintergun.

From the start of the level, take the elevator up. Use the nuke to cross the gap and climb up.

You should see an area blocked by a glass window. Destroy it with the splintergun, climb on to the boxes, and jump up to the ledge above.

Use the nuke (being careful not to fall) and two Shredders will fall down from above. Mount one and drive it left at top speed to clear the gap and destroy the shield door.


Requires: 10 Tasen, 10 Komato, 10 Crack. Strength 7 speeds up getting the materials.

The Mobile power core is nuke-proof. However, it's not immune to the Velocithor V2-10. After it's destroyed, unlock the power core as you would normally.


You can avoid killing Asha by destroying the core within its armor.

If you have a kill count of 0, you get the Massacre.

Try landing the final shot against General Tor with the Banana Gun.

If you completed the game at least once, you gain access to a locked door in the final area. Behind this door is a switch that allows you to apply maximum charge to General Tor's battle armor. Maximum charge increases the rate of fire and threat of his various weapons, and also includes two respawning sky smashers in his attack.

Try landing the final blow against General Tor with the Null Driver.

Try landing the final blow against General Tor with the Massacre.