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In Impossible Mission, you need to explore a building with a randomized layout and search every piece of furniture within the building. Within each furniture in the background, you may find a piece used to assemble the final door password, a password to reset lifts, and a password to disable robots.

The building contains 31 rooms that are randomly placed among nine columns.

To win the game, you need to collect all 36 puzzle pieces, combine them in groups of four, and reach the locked door within six hours. However, each death will cost 10 minutes, whether by falling or being struck by a robot.


Generic Left.png Move left
Generic Right.png Move right
Generic Up.png Move lift up/Search furniture
Generic Down.png Move lify down
Arcade-Button-Orange.png Menu (elevator shaft only)
Arcade-Button-Orange.png + Generic Left.png Jump left
Arcade-Button-Orange.png + Generic Left.png Jump right