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In The Psychic City
Box artwork for In The Psychic City.
Developer(s)Hot-B Co., Ltd.
Publisher(s)Hot-B Co., Ltd.
Release date(s)
Flag of Japan.svg October, 1984
System(s)Fujitsu FM-7, NEC PC-8801
Mode(s)Single player
TwitchIn The Psychic City Channel
YouTube GamingIn The Psychic City Channel

Psychic City (サイキックシティ?), released by Hot-B for the FM-7 and PC-8801 computers in 1984, and was designed by Idemitsu Junichi Oki, Jun Kuriyama, and N. Yoshikawa. It was one of the earliest Japanese role-playing games, alongside the likes of The Black Onyx and Mugen no Shinzou. In contrast to most other early RPGs, however, Psychic City departed from the fantasy and medieval themes common in the genre at the time in favour of a science-fiction cyberpunk plot.


Around 10,000 years ago, certain humans began to develop psychic powers, eventually evolving into a new race known as the Rapp people. For the most part, they succeeded to hide their identity, living among humans. However, humans have always mistrusted their supernatural abilities and mercilessly killed them whenever they were spotted; such as, for example, during the medieval witch hunts. Finally, the Third World War in the 21st century saw the Rapp people as scapegoats. They were hunted down and forced to hide in the ruins of New York.

The protagonist, who suffers from amnesia, initially participates in combat against Rapp people, but is later saved by them and taught psychic powers, effectively becoming a Rapp himself. From that moment on, he decies to help free the Rapp people and turn against his former employers, with the aim of restoring peace.

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