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  • Grand Canyon: Destroy the generators, then take out the primary weapon.
  • Washington, D.C.: Defend the E-3 Awacs from the aliens, then destroy the primary weapon.
  • New York City: Take out the uplinks the aliens have set up to communicate with the other ships.
  • Paris: Take out the generators that are not only on the underbelly of the ship, but on the ground, too.
  • Moscow: Destroy the power stations that the aliens are using to power their shields.
  • Tokyo: Destroy the squad leaders to get a clear shot of the primary weapon.
  • Oahu, Hawaii: Take out the troop transporters that are defending the primary weapon.
  • Las Vegas: Destroy the city sweepers that are being used to destroy the city.
  • Area 51: Destroy the generators and the troop transporters.
  • Mothership: Destroy the docking station, then destroy the main power source to win the game.