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Barnett College[edit]

After the introduction of Indiana giving Marcus the Cross of Coronado, he will head to the locker room to change his clothes. While you're in the gym, you can also practice boxing against the coach before you do live combat once you reach Castle Brunwald.

In the hall, you can speak with Marcus. If you want information from him, try speech lines {3/1} - this gives the name of another archaeology professor.

Head to your office, which is the first door on the right. There's a swarm of students:

  • which can be convinced about a fair solution and taking names in order {3/3/3} (5 IQ) to stall them,
  • can be told about the new professor {4/4/4} (10 IQ) and permanently removing them,
  • or both.

In the office, there is a pile of mail, keep searching it until you find the package. Open it, and you'll see your father's Grail Diary. Exit by the window, and you'll be picked up by Donovan, who will explain the situation - your father is missing, and you are next in line to find the holy grail.

While you now have enough to travel to Venice, there's still a few more things to do. First, travel to Henry's House.

You'll see that it's been ransacked, but a few usable items have been left behind.

  • In the main room, there's a stacked bookshelf. Pull it. You should see a dot on the bookshelf - that is sticky tape you can pick up. Bring this back to the office, and put it in the jar of solvent to get the key.
  • In the bedroom to the right, remove the painting on the wall.
  • At the bottom left corner of the main room, remove the plant and tablecloth. Unlock the chest, and retrieve the old book that's inside.