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Copy protection[edit]

Old versions of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade have a table lookup copy-protection. While failing this may still allows you to play (you have three chances per session), you won't be able to progress past the university, as you aren't able to translate what you're requested to do. This protection is removed in the VGA version.

In game, some information for completing the game is found in the manual. For a digital distribution:

Running Dos version on modern systems[edit]

The DOS version of the game does not run normally on modern computers. Common methods of getting it running:

  • ScummVM: The current recommended method of running this game. Note that saved games are not compatible with those run natively. Also supports a few more features.
  • DOSBox: Can run the game as if it were a native Dos program.
  • Steam: This does not need special setup, but the audio is set to PC-speaker equivalent (extremely poor quality).

Saved games[edit]

If you're playing the game directly from floppy disks, you will also need a blank formatted disk to store saved games. Otherwise, saved games are stored with the game files.

In addition to normal function, saved games are also used to keep track of score across multiple sessions, known as the Series IQ points. This is updated when you load or save a game - if you're using a floppy disk, they are also merged between disks. They are only reset by deleting the saved game files (or reformatting floppy disks), and restarting the game.