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Indora no Hikari
Box artwork for Indora no Hikari.
Japanese titleインドラの光
Release date(s)
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Indora no Hikari (インドラの光? Light of Indora) is a console RPG developed by Kemco for the Famicom and published in 1987. The game was never sold outside of Japan, or translated from Japanese to any other language.


Around the year 2000, mankind departs a depleted earth and travels through space to the plant Ibaru some 8,500 light years away. There, people live peacefully under the protection of a god whose power source is the Light of Indora. However, a demon siphons the light away from the planet and the god begins to slumber. The surface of the planet transforms into a vast desert and monsters begin to appear. The player must quest to put an end to the demon and restore the Light of Indora to the god that protects the planet.

Table of Contents

Indora no Hikari/Table of Contents