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The controls listed here are based off the default controller settings (Setting 1). There is no in game option of changing the control scheme.

Button Control
A button
  • Confirm.
  • (Sheathed sword) Talk and Examine.
  • (Drawn sword) Quick Attack.
A hold
  • (Drawn sword) Perform assigned battle skill.
B button
  • Cancel.
  • (Drawn sword) Power Attack.
B hold
  • (Drawn Sword) Perform assigned battle skill.
X button
  • Flute.
  • Connect Action.
Y button
  • Healing Request.
  • Connect Action.
Back button
  • Open Menu.
Start button
  • Pause game.
LB button
  • Reset camera behind player.
RB button
  • Display connect guide.
LT button
  • (Drawn sword) Deflect Drive.
RT button
  • Draw/Sheath Sword.
Down dpad & Up dpad
  • Tactics.
Left dpad & Right dpad
  • Flute Music
Neutral lstick
  • Move menu cursor.
  • Move character.
Neutral rstick
  • Move Camera.
R button
  • Lock on.