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Infinite Undiscovery is meant to envelop the player in a real-time world where individual decisions can unveil numerous discoveries and affect other encounters, without the need to transition to another screen and can occur at anytime, even while the player is going through inventory in the menu.


An action based battle system allows up to 4 characters that can be on the field at once is used. The player controls the main character Capell from a third-person perspective while the other 3 characters are controlled by AI, however using connect actions Capell can use another character's skill. Faced with a variety of episodic situational battles, the player is meant to try various methods to defeat the enemy, where the most obvious solution is rarely the right move. Certain battles require the player to divide the whole of the cast (said to be up to eighteen characters) into teams due to the sheer size of the situation.


The game transitions between day and night about every 10 minutes and the player must use this to their advantage. For instance, at night the player might have a better chance of infiltrating an enemy base stealthily as opposed to barging in during the day. Light stealth elements like this are hidden throughout the game, director Hiroshi Ogawa explains: “As an example, when you’re running away from a hunting dog, you can distract him by dropping apples from the trees. However, the guards may catch you when they hear the thud of the apples. ”