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There are three characters in the game.

Penny, Inspector Gadget, and Brain
  • Inspector Gadget (Middle) is the main character; he is the most suitable for combat with weapons, and is also neessary to plant bombs as necessary.
  • Penny (Left) is a young girl that can swim and jump out of water. She is also needed to hack into computer systems.
  • Brain is a support character who can move very quickly and double jump.

To switch characters or weapons, press Select button. You can only change characters while standing on land; it's not possible to do so mid-jump.


  • Penny and Brain can punch targets, but their attacks are weak.
  • Gadget's first weapon is the hammer, which is short range.
  • Rubber arrow is a long-range weapon about as powerful as the hammer.

Other items[edit]

  • A floating pair 'G's are Gadget points. When you collect 20, you gain an extra life.