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If you did not spend your money yet[edit]

Go to Yunqi to sell all your extra clothing and Flowers and Herbs. Hire another crewman and buy him a Standard Pistol (unless one dropped on Xiwang). Then proceed to Cylus.

Ancient Temple[edit]

This is a good time to attack.

Land at the Ancient Temple. Kill the Frog Dog (4 HP) running around and talk to the Human in white. Then enter the temple. You can skip the enemies on the first two floors if you don't want the resources. Kill the two Frog Dogs on the fourth floor from the platform to the right of the ladder. Use the shoot-and-back-up tactics to kill the stone golem. Climb to the seventh floor to grab the Ancient Slab. You can now harvest all the Ancient Artifacts if you killed all the enemies in the temple. By the time you finish, the Wisps outside the temple may have reached your ship. Use fast forward to help them get there if you want to fight them.


The crew are standing on the second small hill.

When you take off, you will receive a transmission of static that seems to mention a map. Save. Land at the Hills drop site and harvest the resources. You will need to manually harvest everything left of the second small hill. Then kill as many Wisps as you can to get more Alien Armor. If you get a Goo Gun, replace your Riot Shield with it.


Head Coreward and land at Cyala. Sell all your Data and old armor here. If you replaced your Riot Shield, sell that too.