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There are two ways to complete this section. Either go to Paren and buy 55 canisters of The Ooze and take them to Ghfi, or do things the rewarding way. If you want more armor, keep reading. If you get offered a mutated crewman upon landing at any location, turn it down to avoid damaging your crew.


Talk to the leftmost Suna. Select "How can I help?" then "I'll help" to get access to the Valley drop site.


The Flat Bugs will try to drag you into the toxic drip.

Climb down the cliff and fight the Flat Bugs. They bounce around too much for shoot-and-jump tactics, so just set your crew to guard and keep hitting the button. Return them to your ship to heal when their health gets low. Avoid the toxic drip. Kill the small green Bloblets with the shoot-and-back-up tactics. If you have a Goo Gun, they shouldn't be able to touch you. Climb the other side of the valley and duel the large Blobert. It will split into two Bloblets when defeated. Be sure to get in pistol range of the last Bloblet before guarding to kill it. Collect all the goop piles lying around. (The exact number varies.) Return to HQ for your next assignment.


They all have decent sniping points.

You will notice a Flat Bug bouncing in front of your ship when you land. When it comes back, it will bring one of its friends. Enter the cave to your right. Kill the Bloberts from a distance where possible. They cannot leave their platform. Fight the Bloberts on the left of your landing zone by guarding from the lower ledge. One more Flat Bug will join the fight. The two Bloberts not in this cave can be killed at a distance. Harvest all The Oozes and get your last assignment.

Old Factory[edit]

You do not have to kill the Bloberts to get the Engineering console, but this platform makes it easy.

Kill the enemies the same way you killed the others. The biggest threat here is the large number of drips. Be sure to collect the Engineering console at the top of the second building. Install it when you return to space. Stop by at the Valley if you don't have enough canisters to complete your assignment. Return to HQ for a chip that grants access on Oloke.