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Warning: This page contains story spoilers.

Unique equipment[edit]

Some equipment is hidden and can only be acquired once. Half of it requires more work and is covered lower down.

Adventurer's Sword[edit]

  • Prerequisite: Unlock the Caves drop site on Xiwang.
  • Stats:
    • Damage: 0.5
    • Cooldown: 5
    • Accuracy: High

At the drop site, go to the extreme right of the middle large room. You should discover some fake flooring. The sword is guarded by one of the spiders. Killing the spider is unnecessary, but it might drop something good. If you don't like melee weapons, you can sell the Adventurer's Sword for 900 dy.

Pocket Game[edit]

  • Prerequisites: Visit Aibit.
  • Stats:
    • Maintains fun level at maximum when equipped.
    • Sell Value: 2000

The Pocket Game can be found on the right side of the cave above the hub. Its primary use is to negate the need for a Jukebox on a ship with one normal crewman.

Nil Helmet[edit]

At the unrestricted drop point on New Terra, enter the tunnel in the hill. One block should fall out, allowing you to climb to the right and then to the left to grab the Nil Helmet. To get the most advantage from the boost, use a knife.

Bolt Gun[edit]

  • Prerequisite: Defeat all forms of the General.
  • Stats:
    • Damage: 0.6
    • Cooldown: 1
    • Range: 180
    • Accuracy: High
    • Ammo: 500 + recharge

Once the Gene Lab respawns, you can find the Bolt Gun on the platform where you initially found the General.

Space Shuttle[edit]

Before completing Xiwang, you can go to Earth and find it in orbit. It's a good idea to have some stations for it first unless you intend to sell it.

Bounty hunter side quest[edit]

If you talk to the bounty hunter (in the red armor) on Xiwang and on Aibit, you will get a code for Reekompensa, which is to the lower left of Trade Co. The code allows you to get through a locked door. There will be three guards on the slope beyond the door. If you have range weapons, you can attack them from the platform next to the one they are standing on. (The needle rifle they have will occasionally hit you.) You can now fight the guards on the right (bring all armed crew) or enter the cave to the left. If you go left, you will have to be keep your crew from shooting at the door. As you open more doors, you will be able to collect a full suit of Experimental Human Armor (Helmet: +11, Chest Piece: +12, Leggings: +11). You will also pick up an Arm Cannon, which has the damage output of Kaidun Explosives, but twice the range and over three times the damage capacity. When you talk to the bounty hunter (now in blue) you will get directions to Yomin (near Tsaaraa), where the Experimental Human Corvette can now be found.

Being able to visit Reekompensa is a timed-event. If you miss your chance to collect the keycard from the bounty hunter, it won't appear again. If you've already missed the window, you can edit your savegame with the following method to give yourself the lost keycard:

So here's how to give yourself the keycard, if you missed the chance.

  1. Open up your savegame in any text editor. Your savegames are located here (on Steam) : \steamapps\common\Interstellaria\Assets\Resources\SaveData
  2. Run a search to locate the line that says <keyring>
  3. This will probably be populated with a few keys already, corresponding to the locked doors on various planets.
  4. Add rk* (for Reekompensa) to the end of the keys. It should look similar to this: <keyring>sk3*xw3*ol*rk*</keyring>
  5. Save the file and load the savegame.
  6. Travel to Reekompensa and collect your experimental armor, weapons, and ship.

Dog Quest[edit]

There are two dogs on Stadam (between Paren and Ghfi). To recruit them, your away mission inventory will need one Dog Treat for each. The Dog Treats are found on Eshou (top of Kursha space) and Tsaaraa (Between Aibit and Gadaad). You can sell the treats for 250 dy each, but then you will need to edit your save file in order to hire the dogs.

Augment locations[edit]


  • Locations: Sakari (Hills), Zephyr, Station Horizon, and Brand (Warehouse).

To get the augment on Sakari, you will first need the TNT from Xiwang (Caves). The augment is at the right end of the long cave. To get the augment at Zephyr, you will need to go left until you fall in a hole, then continue to the right until you see the augment. To get the augment at Station Horizon, you will need to press the second button to unlock the lower path. The augment at Brand is initially behind a wall. After obtaining the charm, you can save and reload while at the planet to get the wall to disappear. Alternately, you can come back later when the area has respawned.


  • Locations: Ayudar and Ulu.

To get the augment from Ayudar, you will need to have information on Cylus aliens, then talk to the man in the lower right of the cave. To get the augment from Ulu, you will need to go to the lower left corner and move right until you pass the ladder. The augment is hidden in the cave.


  • Location: Herafor and Casino.

To get the augment on Herafor, kill or run past the walruses to the left and explore any promising walls. The augment on Casino is in a hidden tunnel that starts to the right of the comm relay and goes up. If you have the resolution set to 1080p or higher, the augment will be visible when you scroll up.


  • Locations: Cylus (Hills) and Ghfi (Factory).

To get the augment at Cylus, go to the extreme right of the cave with the Kursha in it, past the pillars. To get the augment at Ghfi, check out the right side of the major gap in the building. There should be a series of blocks that look like stairs, but actually allow access.

Zap Zat[edit]

  • Locations: Brand (Settlement), Oloke (Capital Village), and derelict stations.

To get the augment at Brand, just keep climbing up the cave past the keycard. To get the augment at Oloke, you will need a chip from Ott. To get the augment from a derelict station, you will need to seek out Unknown Anomalies and attempt to board all derelict stations. One of them has a Zap Zat as part of the loot.

Temporal Stone[edit]

  • Location: Unknown Anomaly.

One Unknown Anomaly will give you this augment.