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As a Trade Co. captain, you have five ways to make money. In the simplest method, you harvest resources from planets and sell them to the nearest shop. To get more money in exchange for extra time, you can use the Trade Port table below and sell the resources to the places that pay extra for them. The most exciting method is to fight other fleets and sell the loot you collect from the debris. (Just make sure not to sell anything at a Trade Port that offers it for sale.) The last (and most lucrative) method is to buy resources in bulk and transport them to the Trade Ports that want them. The downside of trading is that you need a nest egg (say, 10,000 Dy) before it is worth the extra time required. The last and most risky method is to play Pachinko at the Casino in Bashien space.


All resources can be harvested except Pixcoins and Puddles. As of version 1.07, nobody wants Pixcoin. Even the humans on Kere won't buy it back. Puddles are produced when you orbit with Snow. The base sell value is also the unit profit if you buy the resource and sell it where it is wanted.

  • Ancient Artifacts: Found on Cylus. Base sell value: 75
  • Data: Found on Sakari and Gadaad. Base sell value: 40
  • DNA: Found on Xiwang, Cylus, and Ott. Base sell value: 35
  • Firestone: Found on Brand. Base sell value: 120
  • Flowers and Herbs: Found on Sakari, Xiwang, Zephyr, Ghfi, and Stadam. Base sell value: 17
  • Fruits and Vegetables: Found on Oloke. Base sell value: 15
  • Gas: Found on Ulu. Base sell value: 70
  • Precious Gems: Found on Sakari, Xiwang, Cylus, Brand, Stadam, and Tsaaraa. Base sell value: 75
  • Raw Dynium: Found on Aibit, Brand, Tsaaraa, Eshou, Ayudar and New Terra. Base sell value: 85
  • Snow: Found on Herafor. Base sell value: 10000
  • The Ooze: Found on Ghfi, Ayudar, and Tharkad. Base sell value: 1
  • Valuable Scrap: Found on Sakari, Ghfi, Gadaad, Tharkad, and Ott. Base sell value: 50
  • Vines and Roots: Found on Aibit, Cylus, Ghfi, and Xiwang. Base sell value: 45
  • War Relics: Found on Sakari (after tutorial) and Ott. Base sell value: 60
  • Water: Found on Ayudar and Gadaad. Base sell value: 50

Since planets take 20 minutes to respawn, you'll need to keep moving from planet to planet. Early on, the best places to farm are Sakari, Xiwang, and Cylus. If you keep moving between them, you should be able to always have a fresh drop site when you want it. The quickest place to sell the resources is Yunqi, but you can get more money from Anoa, Cyala, and Trade Co HQ. If you progress the story far enough, you can fly between Aibit, Tsaaraa, and Gadaad. This path has the advantage that you don't need to go out of your way to sell the resources. If you want the extra money, sell your goods at Ongmon, Eshk, and Delna.

Trade Ports[edit]

Planet Circle Sells Wants
Aibit Kaidun Nothing Firestone
Anoa Anoa Flowers and Herbs Ancient Artifacts, War Relics
Anskad Pirate (None) Nothing Raw Dynium, Valuable Scrap
Cyala Kursha Nothing Data, Raw Dynium
Delna Bashien Ancient Artifacts Precious Gems, Raw Dynium
Eshk Kaidun Water Firestone, Vines and Roots
Kere Kaidun Pixcoin Nothing
Kibou Terran Raw Dynium Gas, Water
New Terra Terran Nothing Water
Oloke Anoa Flowers and Herbs, Vines and Roots Ancient Artifacts, War Relics
Ongmon Kursha Gas Data, DNA
Paren Pirate (None) Flowers and Herbs, Snow, The Ooze Fruits and Vegetables, Puddle, Water
Tharkad Pirate (None) Nothing Raw Dynium, Valuable Scrap
Trade Co HQ Human Nothing Raw Dynium, Valuable Scrap
Wiegre Suna Fruits and Vegetables DNA, Flowers and Herbs
Yunqi Human DNA Gas, Raw Dynium
Zephyr Human Nothing Nothing

Trade Routes[edit]

If you only want a one way route, check the table above for the Trade Ports nearest your location and destination. To get started with reciprocal routes, take Flowers and Herbs from Paren to Wiegre, then bring back Fruits and Vegetables. Once you have 70,000 Dy, you're ready for bigger value hauls. Start shipping DNA from Yunqi to Ongmon and bringing back Gas. If you unlock Kibou, you can take the Gas there and ship Kibou's Raw Dynium to Yunqi, creating a triangular trade route. If you aren't looking for Kursha ship loot, you can make more money faster by just shipping Raw Dynium from Kibou to Trade Co. HQ or Tharkad.


The most important element of Pachinko is to save before you play. It costs 100 dy per drop. The white bumpers provide 20 dy per hit, the green bumpers provide 40 dy per hit and the red bumper provides 120 dy per hit. There are two ways to make a profit: either you get the ball to repeatedly bounce between two white bumpers, or you hit the red bumper. The best time to click the button is when the emitter is directly above the third small bump from the left and moving right. It can take some practice to get the timing right.