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Notes about Ulu[edit]

  • Enemies The large Bish (4 total) can teleport to you. They attack with brute force. Mantas (30 total, HP~2) attack by shooting poison. Both types swim back and forth in a horizontal path until they notice you. When that happens, they dive and try to follow you.
  • Platforming Once below you ship, your crew will not know how to get back to it, so all harvesting will be manual. Gas is valuable, but harvesting all 25 units is a pain. The gas jets will impede your horizontal movement, but they can be used with the guard button to strafe enemies. The gas jet below the left of the starting platform can be used to reach the ship without climbing the stairs.


The first two vines.

Talk to the human to the left of you ship about pirates. He'll tell you to find someone with a passcode before he will tell you more. Take whoever has your Assault Rifle (or the most health) and jump down off the platform your ship is on. Run left. After climbing up the first vine, climb down the second one. In the bottom left of the map you will find an Anoa with the passcode. Return to the vines and go left from their tops. Climb the stairs. You can also ride the gas jets on the far left. At the left end of the platform after the stairs, you can stand one block above the visible platform. Use this spot to attack the Bish. Climb the two vines after the stairs and walk all the way to the right. You should now be at your ship. Talk to the pirate again to get an Old Magazine telling you about Ott. If you have any Flamethrowers, Environmental armor pieces, or Healthpacks in your item slot, you will need to move them out before you can collect the magazine. If you haven't seen any Flamethrowers or Environmental armor pieces, reload and hunt the remaining enemies to get some. You may have to come back at least 20 minutes later to get any armor.