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Dr. Greg Bradley[edit]

The protagonist of the game (you); a newcomer at Lizard's Breath and a geologist, he is not much trusted by the superstitious townsfolk how frown upon scientists. He is lucky enough to be there right after the fall of a meteor. He is in some romantic relationship with Dusty, the announcer of KBUG radio and he is assisted by Biff.


A hillbilly who aids you by bringing samples and hints the SW Cone as the source of the strange things. You can find him sometimes at O'Riordan's and if you buy him a drink he will tell you where he finds the rock samples. On Day 3 he sends some ant evidence to Dr. Wells.


A local college boy who assists Dr. Bradley. He is seen mainly home, and mainly at the first day where he helps you with the samples. He falls in lust with Jackie Monroe. He gives you local gossip, such as not liking Bret Lamont, and tells you when the papers arrive.

Dr. Wells[edit]

Wells is found at the Pratt University Lab and is essential to the game. You must give him the evidence, and the next day he brings you a report. The combined reports are required to put the area in emergency. He also can give you general advice concerning battling the ants, but generally nothing you don't already know.

Ice Morgan and the Hellcats[edit]

The local bullies who harass the locals. Occasionally they will appear on the road and dare you to a game of Chicken. After that, they will challenge you at the Beverley’s Drive-In for a knife fight, triggering another mini-game, but otherwise insignificant to the plot.

Billy Bob Morse[edit]

The cult leader and "Grand Seahorse" of the Neptunians and father of Jackie. At Day 5 he will let you have a sample of ant fluid. If you take Jackie from him, you will engage in a knife fight.

Jackie Monroe[edit]

The daughter of Billy Bob and girlfriend of Max "The Enforcer" Cobb, whose affair was commented by tabloids. She was feared to testify against him so she took her friend Suzie and went to Lizard Breath. If you investigate her car, you will get some ant fluid. She will either go to her father or ask to stay your home; in that case, Dusty will stop telling you information. On Day 4 if you accept her 'gratitude' you will end up in the hospital.

Wilbur and Quarry Workers[edit]

Bert Lamont interviews them on Day 2. They can give you a sample of ant fluid.

Bert Lamont[edit]

Editor of the Lizard Breath Star and a rude and shady character. He will invite you to an interview on Day 2, and if you take a correct/wrong approach, you will engage in knife fight. He is not essential to the game objective.


The employee of the Service Station, a young man who is stuttering and bullied by the Hellcats. He can give you information about where Ice and the Hellcats are. Shortly before Day 9 he is absent. After Day 9 if you rescue him from the ants, he will fill up your flamethrower


You can meet him on the street on Day 1, telling you that he will go for a trip to the SW Cone. On Day 3 he will bring you some ant evidence at your door.


Source of information.


Absent in Day 1. He is essential for the course of the game. Skeptical for you at first, he requires full evidence from Dr. Wells to put the town in emergence. A cowardly character, he disappears and puts you in charge.

Louie La Rue[edit]

Runs a charter business at Hilbers Field. He lets you use a plane. On Day 7 he provides you with an ant recording.


Announcer at the KBUG radio and your flirt. She will provide you with gossip and information, mainly backstories of the characters. If you accept Jackie home, she will stop talking to you.


A farmer whose cow was found beheaded and started a torrent of rumors. On Day 1 you can meet him in his farm where you will engage some ants.

Army Sergeant[edit]

An unessential character, he won't allow you to enter the camp. If you repeat it 3 times, he will send you to the hospital.


A builder at the springs. He is a useless character.

Other characters[edit]

Miners, Pump House Watchmen, Farmers: They will give you some gossip but usually nothing you don't know or useful.