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Daily timeline[edit]

Time Event
01:00 Beverly's Drive in closes
05:00 Sunrise
07:00 Police Station opens
08:00 KBUG station, Mines and Hilbers Field open
09:00 Platt University lab, Lizard Breath Star, Quarry and Fortune Teller open
10:00 Mayor's Office and O'Riordan's Pub open
12:00 Shift change in the Mines
14:00 Hilbers Field closes
16:00 Mayor's Office close
17:00 Platt University Lab and Quarry close
Shift change in the Mines
18:00 Bethany's Drive-In opens
Hilber's Field, Lizard Breath Star and Fortune Teller close
19:00 Sunset
Police Station close
20:00 Mines close

Day to day timeline[edit]

Date Event
June 1 At the start of the day, you will receive a sample of rocks. You will also receive a call from the newspaper reporter inviting you over, and also be informed by Biff that you can visit the professor at the university lab. There is also a report of a mutilated cow at J.D.'s Farm.
June 2 In the morning, a panicked woman arrives, saying that she crashes her car and had to flee. When you investigate Jackie's car, you can collect a recording, and will encounter an ant foraging for food.
June 3 A citizen drops off what appears to be an unusual deer leg. This can be brought to the university for analysis.
June 4 Results from samples, if submitted, will arrive. Also, Dr. Platt would have finished the analysis on the deer leg that was found. The Police force also discover a crashed car, and have a tape of some screaming and some strange noise. There is also an issue at the Mine M-1.
June 5 KBUG radio station reports that a decomposed woman's body was found at Neptune Hall. There is a sample of fluid. A workman from the quarry also called, wanting to show you something - another fluid sample. Biff will also leave Lizard Breath.
June 6 The railroad tressel leading out of town has collapsed. Lizard Breath is now isolated from the outside world.
June 7
June 8
June 9 Dr. Platt investigates Cook's Stud Farm, but at the same time all hell breaks loose. Elmer goes hiking to the SW Cone. There are reports of ants at both the southern farm and at the Quarry.
June 10 University lab is closed due to the death of Dr. Platt. Ants attack the western farm, and the weapons depot. Ants also attack the Mayor's car.
June 11 Lizard breath enters full alert due to the ant problem.
June 12 Airfield will most likely be attacked.
June 13 The first wave of ants attack the city.
June 14
June 15 The final relentless wave of ants attack. Lizard Breath is destroyed by midnight.