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Field 5-1[edit]

Kick the space above this ledge to gain invincibility
Kick the space above this ledge to regain health
  • The stage begins with two boulders and a group of Lint Imps falling from the top of the screen. A mole will attack you from behind when you reach the stump. Cross the bridge as you jump over three fires. Hop on the moving platforms, and be careful of another mole as you head to the red springboard. When you land on a small ledge before a floating platform, kick the space above it to reveal a door and obtain invincibility behind it.
  • With your invincibility, cross the bridge as you smash your way past two birds, two mounds, and a rolling boulder from behind. The two blocks above the ground contain a burger and fries. Clear out the Furspurs as a Dork comes over to bark at you. The signpost before the elevator only has poo, so just jump into the elevator and take it down to the sewers.
  • After the first jump, the two blocks higher up can be kicked for a melon and fries. Then use the springboard to reach the burger over the single block. Kick the space above the flat ledge after the burger to find another concealed door where you can get health from your partner. Watch out for a wide assortment of enemies over a short stretch, including a stalactite. After kicking your partner, three rats will descend from the ceiling. Kick the wall after that where there is an indication of a door to find a slot machine. Three more rats will fall down and chase you from behind.
  • The next two platforms will fall away, so leap ahead to the steps. The platform over the melon will fall as well, but you're best off ignoring the melon and jumping to the moving platform. A Nes Jr. will greet you on the next ledge. Navigate the floating platforms, and then watch out for Stinker flies before you jump across the gaps, and over the fire to the next available ledge. When you see a red springboard, be careful of the stalactite that looms above it. You may wind up bouncing off of it, so be prepared to stop between the fires. Beware when riding the platform below the next melon: a Nessy will suddenly appear before you. Wait for it to drop down before continuing on to the end of the stage.

Field 5-2[edit]

Find a slot machine behind this section of wall
Reveal this hidden door after the Nessy for health
  • Run up to the small notice on the wall, and jump kick it to make a platform appear over the gap. Kick the spaces before and above the short wall to make coins appear, then leap over the fire. A rat will then attack you from behind. As you run down the next section, a Pizzano will attack you, followed by a boulder and a rat approaching you from the front, and a second boulder from behind. Very carefully jump across the small ledges, watching out for flies, then take the elevator up.
  • After jumping over the first gap, you may be tempted to try to use the red springboard to leap over the fire-breathing Nessy, but it's safer to wait for it to drop down. Watch out for the stalactites on the other side of the jump. Kick your partner's garbage can to stop him from throwing soda cans, and then get a good running jump to clear the fire between platforms. As flies approach, a rat will appear from behind as you head towards another stalactite. You'll see some bigger stalactites, but they don't fall.
  • Collect the melon as you bounce off the red springboard, and watch out for the boulders that fall. The platform that leads to the next ledge will fall away. After jumping over a gap, you should notice an indentation on the wall. Kick this area to reveal a door that contains a slot machine. Hop over the gap and attack the rushing Pizzano, then watch out for another two coming from behind. Hop into the elevator and ride it up to the level above.
  • Still underground, be careful when you attempt to collect the burger above the platform, as that platform will fall. This time, you can use the springboard to launch over the Nessy, as you should be able to achieve full speed when you bounce off of it. You'll still have to wait for a second Nessy to sink back down. Immediately after the second Nessy, kick the space above the ledge to make a door appear, where you can get your health restored by your partner. Another Nessy will appear after three very short platforms (there's a melon hidden above the third platform). Then leap across to the small platform, and to the ledge beyond occupied by two junior Nesses. Then exit the stage.

Field 5-3[edit]

Find this hidden door for health very early on
Life extending curry can be found near this floating platform
Collect the key from a tombstone; watch out for blue spirits
  • Get a good run and hit the red springboard at full speed in order to launch yourself over the set of fires that follow. Keep going until you reach a gap, and then kick the space to the left of the gap to reveal a hidden door where you can get health. Then get a good run up to the next platform, jump late and aim for the right side of the platform, then immediately jump off of it as it begins to fall, to reach the ledge beyond. Here, you can kick the space above the ledge for a coin, then kick the sign above to make a platform appear over the gap.
  • Ride the platforms and carefully collect the cherry next to the fire. Then hop over the fire to the next platform. Keep your speed going to reach the platform beyond, and once again, expect the platform with the cherry to fall away. Hop across the small platforms, watch out for a rat, and leap over to the next ledge. Hop over the fire, kick the sign for a coin, and then kick the door for a slot machine.
  • Watch out for the boulders that roll near a fire, and collect the burger in mid-air. You'll see a bunch of narrow platforms. If you're running at full speed, it's easy to slip off the second platform and fall into the gap, where you will bounce off an invisible springboard and be launched to 5-4. Without a key, you'll have to backtrack to this level, so avoid falling off the block. Instead, try to jump immediately off the block and over to the floating platform, using the flies as a way to make it if your jump is short. While riding up and down on this platform, kick the space around the middle of the screen to make life extending curry appear. Hop over three more narrow platforms to reach a ledge guarded by a can-throwing Pizzano. Run to the next ledge to find a door where your partner will restore your health, and watch out for several rats on your approach to the next elevator.
  • Back above ground, jump over a Dork as you approach a cemetery. Soon you will see a unique enemy, a small blue flame that attempts to home in on your position. They can't be jumped on or kicked, but you can spray them with gas if they pass in front of you at the right height. You can kick many of the gravestones for coins. After you jump over a mound, and just before some fires, a soda can will drop from the tree. Use the Furspurs as vaults over the fires. The lamp post is a chance for an extra life. When you kick your soda can-throwing partner, four kettles will drop out of the sky. Then two more blue flames will greet you at the second part of the cemetery. After jumping over a mound, kick the first tomb stone to reveal the key to the fifth boss room. Then rush past the three blue flames, and four final boulders to the end of the stage.

Field 5-4[edit]

Another early hidden door grants you health
Find a slot machine behind a hidden door at the top
Kick Cabbagehead six times to beat him
  • Collect the cherry between the two fires, jumping over a bird as you go, then use the Furspurs to hop over the next fires. Kick the sign for a coin, and hop on the elevator. Can-throwing Pizzanos will greet you at the bottom, use gas to knock them out of the way. Hop over two fires, and after you hop off the floating platform, kick the space above the ledge you land on to reveal a door. Your partner will restore your health.
  • Jump up to the next ledge above the fire. A Nessy will appear in the next gap. You can spray it with gas to remove it if you're quick enough. Hop over the mound, and the first platform will fall away, but the next above the burger will not (kick the space above it for a coin). Watch out for a boulder behind you and a stalactite above you, and kick your partner. Another boulder/stalactite combo will follow. Then wait and time your leap to the next floating platform. If you miss it, you will likely bounce off an invisible springboard and be propelled back to 5-3. From the top of the lift, you can attempt to land on the falling platform and collect both the burger and the cherry if you're quick, but it's best to stay alive and hop to the small platforms until you reach the elevator.
  • Watch out for a pair of birds as you approach a pair of fires, and use a pair of Furspurs to hop over them. A trio of moles will ambush you on the other side. Kick the space above the highest ledge after the last mole to discover a door that contains a slot machine. The lamppost at the bottom is a 1-Up chance. Kick the fountain for 100 points, but watch out for moles; the last one will attack from behind. When you reach the next gap, kick the sign in front to make a platform appear. Hop over the gap, and kick the bathroom door open to find your partner and get back health.
  • Kick the space above the stump to make a platform appear over the green springboard that will take your back to 5-3 if you missed the key. Ride the platform and carefully jump down to the small ledge below. Repeat the process of jumping to a moving platform before hoping off to the next narrow ledge until you reach the final section where you will be greeted by a Nes Jr. before heading off to fight the area boss (kick the sign first for a burger). His names is Cabbagehead (Great Papa in Japan), and he is very much like all the bosses before him, except he requires six hits in order to defeat him.