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Enemy names are given in the form of their American names, followed by their Japanese names if known.

Furspurs (Tomezou) Stinker (Primus)
JJ and Jeff enemy furspurs.png
These wiggling hair caterpillars rise up and down on invisible silk threads from the branches of trees.
JJ and Jeff enemy fly.png
Over sized flies will waft up and down through the air, buzzing in the face of anyone who gets in their way.
Ricky Rat (Schindler) Moe Molelin (Molelin)
JJ and Jeff enemy ricky rat.png
Ricky Rats run forward with a mindless singular purpose. They have a tendency to appear from up above and fall to the ground before they start running.
JJ and Jeff enemy moe molelin.png
You can usually see the burrows of these moles long before you see them. Some hop up and try to ambush you, while others wait for you to pass and attack you from behind.
Poopatross (Barbird) Dork (Gajaboo)
JJ and Jeff enemy poopatross.png
While passing over your head, these unpleasant birds will sometimes drop a turd on you. Jump on their back, or pass beneath them very carefully.
JJ and Jeff enemy dork.png
Dork is an angry bulldog whose bite is worse than his bark. While you can kick them if you do it carefully, you can't jump on them, so don't try.
Rolly Stone (Rocky Jack) Mack and Jack (Macky and Tacky)
JJ and Jeff enemy rolly stone.png
Don't expect these giant boulders to do anything but try to mow you down. It is possible to jump on them to clear them out of your way. Bosses tend to throw these at you.
JJ and Jeff enemy mack and jack.png
Fire doesn't often get its own name in many video games, but this camp fire will burn you to a crisp, regardless of how much health you have. Later on in the game, they release smaller fires that bounce around.
Crabby (Kanibunke) Jerry Jaws (Lardish)
JJ and Jeff enemy crabby.png
Crabs tend to occupy the small tropical islands that you must cross at certain points in the game. They wander back and forth somewhat aimlessly.
JJ and Jeff enemy jerry jaws.png
It's not the weird look on the face of these fish that you should be worried about, it's the sharp angle at which they leap out of the water.
Otto (Pemopemo) Harry (Unibow)
JJ and Jeff enemy otto.png
These otters are one of the more interesting enemies. They float on their backsides, back and forth on the water, chucking shells into the air. They cannot be defeated, but you can actually ride on them briefly before getting hit by a shell.
JJ and Jeff enemy harry.png
Sea Urchins like these are as uncomplex as Ottos are complex… They sit in one place and are impossible to jump on. While you can kick them, sometimes for a prize, you can't remove them.
Lint Imp (Mid4) Skyler (Thundy Boy)
JJ and Jeff enemy lint imp.png
For such a simple creature, these enemies are trickier than they appear. They are usually found hanging from trees, and drop down right when you are about to pass beneath them. They cannot be defeated, only avoided.
JJ and Jeff enemy skyler.png
Appearing much later in the game, the lord of thunder sends lightning at you in an attempt to shock you out of your shoes. They cannot be defeated, so all you can do is dodge them. If you must choose between hitting them or their lightning, hit the lightning.
Windjammer (Tarnedo) Julio Copter (Heloboy)
JJ and Jeff enemy windjammer.png
No one knows if these small tornadoes move with purpose or if there is some smaller creature inside creating all of that wind, but they jump around and create an obstacle course. They are vulnerable to all forms of attack.
JJ and Jeff enemy julio copter.png
Rather small for a normal helicopter, these remote control variants are slow and easy to predict. It's safe to jump on top of the rotating blades in order to knock them out.
Nessy (Hussy) Nes Jr. (Ko Hussy)
JJ and Jeff enemy nessy.png
Quite possibly the most frustrating enemy in the game, these indestructible lizards stick their long necks out of holes in the ground when you least expect it. When you suspect that they may be around, approach edges very carefully in an effort to lure them out of hiding before you jump. Some of them will even breath fire at you when they are up.
JJ and Jeff enemy nes junior.png
Although they are only children, they are every bit as dangerous as their parents, if not more so. These children are mobile, and they like to run around. And like their parents, some can breath fire. Nothing but kicking will work against these monsters.
Pizzano Family (Nonter Family) Inanimate objects
JJ and Jeff enemy pizzano family.png
Although your partner has a tendency to show up every now and then and hinder your progress instead of helping, the members of the Pizzano Family are the real danger. Clad in suits and shades, they appear to do various destructive things like running into you or tossing coke cans at you while they try to keep their distance.
JJ and Jeff enemy can.png
JJ and Jeff enemy poop.png
Among all of the other enemies, there are a number of inanimate objects that you must watch out for. Some are thrown by other enemies, such as the Poopatross, or the Pizzano Family. Other simply appear throughout the course of the game, like baseballs or coconuts.