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Jack in the Dark
Box artwork for Jack in the Dark.
Release date(s)
Genre(s)Adventure, Puzzle
Mode(s)Single player
Preceded byAlone in the Dark
Followed byAlone in the Dark 2
SeriesAlone in the Dark
TwitchJack in the Dark Channel
YouTube GamingJack in the Dark Channel

Jack in the Dark is a small game made during the production of Alone in the Dark 2. It was used as a promotional game distributed at Christmas in 1993 (just before the Alone in the Dark 2 release). The game was on a single floppy in a golden wrapping featuring a Jack-in-the-box illustration on the top. It is a short adventure featuring the young child Grace Saunders. During halloween, she enters a small toy store after dark and gets locked in it. There, the toys are alive, and Grace must save Santa Claus from an evil Jack-in-the-box. Jack in the Dark is an adventure game that focuses purely on puzzles and has no combat.

Later CD versions of both Alone in the Dark and Alone in the Dark 2 came packaged with Jack in the Dark.

Getting started[edit]

In the inventory screen you will see your character displayed with a number in the corner. This number represents the amount of times you are able to get hit by the toys before it's game over.

  •  ↑   ↓  : Control Grace Saunders.
  • Enter: See your inventory, perform actions and use/drop items.
  • Esc: Load, save, change options and exit the game.


After the short introduction, you find yourself in the toy store. When you have gotten the hang of the controls, walk to the fireplace to find a Dime. Behind the counter you will also find an Oil Lamp. Now go in front of the counter and search the chest to find a Drum. Next to this, use the Dime on the chewing gum machine and take the sweets. This will make the puppet on the wall start attacking. When it is close to you, empty the Oil Lamp onto it to defeat it. This in turn will make the toys near the storage door attack you. Stand next to the treasure chest and use the Drum. The toys should all start jumping into the box.

Now it is time to go into the storage room. Inside, take the Vanity Case at the entrance and also take the Mirror underneath it. Over at the cell, drop or put down the Vanity Case near the toys, so they can both reach it but are far enough from the cell door. Walk to where they were standing and take the Candy Stick. Leave the room and return to the counter. From the front, give the Candy Stick to the Jack-in-the-box. Once it has started devouring the candy cane, use the Mirror to defeat "One-Eyed Jack" by holding it in front of him.

That's it, enjoy the short ending and preview screens of the game you are supposed to buy at this point: Alone in the Dark 2.