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A lucky egg
Sometimes when a new egg is hatched it will be born already knowing an ability. This occurance is random.

When merging Divine Beasts the purified Kalma cocoon will give the resulting child a diffirent attack and a new ability. Be careful choosing the order in which abilities are given. A Divine Beast can only have up to 4 abilities. When merging after this point the new ability will replace the oldest ability.

Ability Description Kalma
Anti-Critical Complete Protection against critical hits Geloper, Scorpy
Anti-MP Drain Fangnagin, Gojet
Bug Killer No Effect, Glitched Angler
Change Talent Skalco
Drac Killer Mush
Earth Power Nilicone, Rorr
Gara Killer Nilgilth
Guts Ginui, Rugglchu
HP Recovery Pokeyfish
HP Up 1 Ups HP by ??? Tama-Q
HP Up 2 Ups HP by ??? Nima-Q
HP Up 3 Ups HP by ???
Imago Monoculous
Ku Killer Garala
Leif Killer Agit
Magic Talent Nilibuzz, Rutide
MP Recovery Bladreg, Mash
MP Up 1 Ups MP by +30 Chamelemon, Helicone
MP Up 2 Ups MP by ??? Mayen, Yo-Yo
MP Up 3 Ups MP by ??? Majj
Og Killer Nirala
Petrify Guard Slugalanth
Precocious Spikestar, Tomakana
Resist Blind Skalcone, Whorlie
Resist Confusion
Resist Earth Papillone
Resist Fire Binoculus
Resist Poison Machoang
Resist Sleep Bogimbo
Resist Stun Froggy, Walbeckon
Resist Water
Resist Wind Ginugon
Speed Up 1 Ups Speed by ??? Cheepr
Speed Up 2 Ups Speed by ??? Peepr
Speed Up 3 Ups Speed by ??? Clalco
Spirit Up 1 Ups Spirit by +15 Kilgilth
Spirit Up 2 Ups Spirit by ??? Navi, Pataronga
Spirit Up 3 Ups Spirit by ??? Ela Ela, Ronga-Ronga
Strength Up 1 Ups Strength by +10 Spikebee
Strength Up 2 Ups Strength by ???
Strength Up 3 Ups Strength by ???
Vitality Up 1 Ups Vitality by ??? Bauwerl, Garalanth, Twingo
Vitality Up 2 Ups Vitality by ??? Garalhorn, Sulligan
Vitality Up 3 Ups Vitality by ???
Water Power Froggess, Ninui, Nu-Q
Wind Power Baulboa, Helibuzz
Wisdom Up 1 Ups Wisdom by ??? Geena, Q, Tiki
Wisdom Up 2 Ups Wisdom by ??? Geso-Q
Wisdom Up 3 Ups Wisdom by ??? Dakkon-Q