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When the game begins you will only be able to have 2 Divine Beasts on your BeastAmulet. As you progress in rank this number will increase. The BeastAmulet is basically what your Divine Beasts are arranged on when they are with you. When fighting the formation on the BeastAmulet appears around you. The BeastAmulet’s formation can be rotated so one of the 4 sides is facing forward: Wind (special effects), Water (healing), Earth (defensive) and Fire (offensive). Each side has its own weaknesses and strengths along with specific species of Divine Beasts that are specialized towards that element.

There are many ways to decide on your tactics fighting with the BeastAmulet. Be sure to experiment with the Divine Beasts you find and hatch to better understand that individual’s strengths and weaknesses. There is no best technique, style, or elemental side.

Overview of the BeastAmulet[edit]

Element compatibility
If you place a Divine Beast on an element of the BeastAmulet that they do not have an attack for they will do nothing during their turn in battle. Do your best to avoid being in this position!

Each side has 3 spots a Divine Beast can be placed. Each corner overlaps so a Divine Beast placed on the Water-Earth corner will be on both the Water and Earth sides.

The center position[edit]

Be careful about who is placed in the center space on each element. That individual should be your strongest and, more importantly, most durable Divine Beast on that side of the BeastAmulet. It is this Divine Beast’s responsibility to protect your shields. No matter how healthy your Divine Beasts are, if you lose all of your shields you lose the battle.

Out of all the Divine Beasts on your BeastAmulet, the one in the center position will use less MP if the BeastAmulet is turned frequently so they can rest (the point in this paragraph is moot if the fighting style you use focuses on remaining on one side and only turning in a pinch). This is because they can only attack when their side is active and will regain MP while the side is inactive. One benefit of this is a Divine Beast that is frequently in the center position can learn stronger attacks that are more MP expensive.

The corner positions[edit]

After a few merges your Divine Beasts will have 2 attacks at their disposal instead on 1. At this point you will have to decide what 2 sides of the BeastAmulet the Divine Beast will normally be used on.

Out of all the Divine Beasts on your BeastAmulet, the ones on the corners are used more frequently during battle since they fight on 2 sides instead of just 1. However be aware that this will make them lose MP at a much higher rate since they are both used more often and get to rest less often. If you ever encounter a problem with this try giving them weaker attacks that will cost less MP.

Those on corner position are more vulnerable to attacks since they can be attacked if either side is active. Be wary of this while battling.

BeastAmulet strategies based upon number of Divine Beasts[edit]

Once your fame is high enough to qualify then go to the arena. Fighting there will help earn fame and higher ranks. Not only do you earn the ability to have another Divine Beast on your amulet, you also get another shield.

The beginning: 2[edit]

No matter what, your first Divine Beast is a Tamatoch, the fire based Mau. It is a good attacker and is a great fellow to keep in your center red space. If you continue to fight with him he will transform into a Walpon shortly after his level reaches the teens.


Place your 2 Divine Beasts on the same side. You won’t be able to rotate the BeastAmulet but while the enemy is attacking once per round you are attacking twice. This is incredibly effective when focusing on the fire side. Keep your Tamatoch in the center and buy an Og egg in the store. If you can find a different Divine Beast or have merged a Wind or Earth Divine Beast to have a fire attack feel free to swap one of these 2 out.

The main weakness of this technique is high MP use and the lack of flexibility. The focus is to take out the opponent quickly. It is very effective in the first few battles in the arena.


Which Divine Beast did you choose after the battle demo in the beginning of the game? Keep your Tamatoch in the center of the fire side and place the new Divine Beast on the side of their element. The Tamatoch is a very strong attacker and should be able to handle the offensive tasks for your team while the other one provides support.

Beast chosen Element Description Strategy
Wind This little fellow is an annoyance and will grow into a bird airplane hybrid like Divine Beast. He is the fastest of the bunch but pretty fragile. At this point the Also should be able to go first when active and has a great chance of putting the opponents to sleep. Switching back and forth constantly rations MP well and should keep you ahead of the game.
Earth This little fellow is a defender and will grow into a crustacean like Divine Beast. He is very durable. He will summon a wall the opponent will have to break down before they can begin trying to hit you or your Divine Beasts. Switching back and forth constantly rations MP well and should keep you well guarded.
Water This little fellow is a healer and will grow into a salamander like Divine Beast. Unlike the other two the best way to use a healer is to only switch to this side if you need healing or to stall while the inactive sides have a chance to regain some MP.

This is only advice for the very beginning. Swap things around and experiment every time you get someone new.

Elemental breakdown[edit]


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